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Blabbering of a Fool

Kamen Rider Kiva Episode 13

Incomplete: Daddy Fight

The year 2008.
Megumi, having regained her consciousness, runs into the stumbling Nago, who is injured at both his body and ego from his last battle with Kiva. Nago rejects any help from Megumi. Returning to the organization HQ, Megumi reports IXA’s defeat to Shima, but he remains indifferent as though already expecting the outcome.
THE IKEMENS, despite their successful debut at the bar, continue practicing their song. Unbeknown to them, a bespectacled man watches them from afar, away from sight.

Wataru later visits Kengo’s home, where Kengo shares that his childhood dream is to become a professional rocker. He expects Wataru to follow suit, which leaves him in quite a fix. As Wataru departs, the same bespectacled man is observing him again in an alley. While he is crossing the overhead bridge, the mysterious man finally approaches Wataru, holding him his shoulders and addressing him as a hidden talent.
At a pub, the man introduces himself as Miyake Touru(三宅 徹), a talent scout. He expresses interest in grooming Wataru into a professional rock star, but Wataru rejects him flat and recommends Kengo instead, knowing that that is truly Kengo’s dream. Miyake, facing rejectment, can only mutter “What a waste.”

The year 1986.
Jirou pays his fellow endangered friends, Ramon and Riki, at their self-made massage and shoe-polishing parlour. He comments on the plain lives they are leading, but Ramon and Riki rebut that they have to protect themselves from the humans, since they are the only remaining members of the Merman and Franken races respectively. Jirou, differentiating himself from his partners, relates to them on his plan to revive his Wolfen race, which his descendants will rule the lands.

Wataru is once again troubled, this time on how to support Kengo without becoming a rocker as well, as urged by Kengo.

Yuri is holding a test for Jirou at the pool to access his abilities. Jirou teases her, and they are able to share an intimate moment in the water when Otoya comes spoiling (or saving) the mood, holding on desperately to a float. He amusingly starts drowning, despite the water being only waist-deep.

Kengo visits Wataru at his mansion this time, and knows for the first time about Wataru’s profession in making violins. Wataru speaks about his dream of making a violin that can surpass his father’s, and Kengo feels betrayed to know that his dream is not the same as him. Kengo is unable to understand how his rock music had saved Wataru at first, but realizes that Wataru’s true calling is indeed with the violins, after hearing a piece played by him on the Bloody Rose. Kengo then tells Wataru that despite having different ideals, they still remain as friends, much to Wataru’s delight.
However, once outside, Kengo realizes that he is back to square one of his dream of becoming a rock star. Just then, he is approached by Miyake, who apparently takes Wataru’s advice. He tells Kengo the same thing about him being a ‘diamond in the rough’.

Megumi is done with her lunch and is heading out of the restaurant when she sees a moving car heading towards Nago. Without flinching, Nago stomps on the car with his stop and the driver brakes in fright. Nago recognizes the driver to be a thief named Yayoi Matsuda, and he goes on to pull him out of the car. However, Nago goes berserk as he wallops Yayoi, pushing Megumi away when she tries to intervene, and even ignoring the buttons he has dropped. Soon, the police arrives and arrests both Nago and Yayoi.

Jirou is on the tail of his next meal when Otoya appears before him, thus losing his prey. Otoya mocks Jirou, telling him to go after female monsters instead of human women. This hits a raw nerve with Jirou, who assaults Otoya relentlessly, without realizing that he has dropped the IXA Knuckle.

Wataru finds Kengo working at a construction site and learns from him that Miyake had scouted him to become a professional rocker. However, Miyake told him that it would require capital for a debut, and so Kengo is working part-time. Wataru decides to help him by working together with him. At the end of day, Wataru returns home sore and fatigued. As he puts on balm patches and muscle rub, Shizuka hears from Wataru the story about Kengo, and expresses that it is weird to ask for money for a debut performance. Wataru tells her not to suspect people too much.

Meanwhile, a young artist is in the midst of his painting when Miyake visits him. Apparently also scouted by Miyake, the young man asks him on when his art exhibition would open. Surprisingly, Miyake transforms into the Rhinoceros Fangire, and with a taste for young people passionate about their dreams, chases the fleeing artist.
While at work with Kengo, Wataru senses the presence of a hostile Fangire and takes off, leaving Kengo behind.

Jirou has just finished with a meal when Otoya shows up again, this time confirming that Jirou is the culprit behind the disappearances of Café mald’amour customers. He asks Jirou if he is to do the same to Yuri, but JIrou gladly tells Otoya about his own heritage, and how he had chosen Yuri to be his mate, who will bear his descendants for him. Something in Otoya’s mind snaps, and he attacks Jirou, telling him to lay his hands off his Yuri.

Wataru arrives to the location to only find the artist sucked dry of his life force by the Rhinoceros Fangire. Transforming into Kiva, he tries to attack the Fangire with his fists, but his blows deal no damage to the Rhinoceros Fangire’s thick hide. In a pinch, Kiva uses the Basshaa Fuestle to assume Basshaa Form, but even the shots of Basshaa Magnum are unable to penetrate the Fangire’s armor. After giving Kiva a hard time, the Rhinoceros Fangire escapes, leaving the injured hero behind in the rain.

Otoya gets thrashed by the inhuman Jirou and is thrown. Seeing no other choice, Otoya takes out the IXA Knuckle from his blazer, to the shock of Jirou. He henshins into IXA for the first time, and the frustrated Jirou shifts to his Wolfen form. Garulu is on the losing end as IXA seems to be playing with him. With Garulu down, IXA decides to end things by using Broken Fang on him.

Kengo shares his childhood dream with his newfound buddy

Miyake Touru(三宅 徹), portrayed by Jinbo Satoshi(神保 悟志

Jirou announces his grand plan to revive his Wolfen race

The new couple of Aozora Organization share an intimate moment

Even the ‘all-mighty’ Nago gets arrested by the police

Nothing’s better then sharing a drink with your best friend

Rhinoceros Fangire

Even Kiva Basshaa Form cannot withstand the Fangire’s strong attacks

Otoya pissed off with Jirou’s plans for his beloved Yuri

Otoya’s debut henshin into Kamen Rider IXA!


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