Words of MavericK

Blabbering of a Fool

Stan’s Black Parade

Being a fan of My Chemical Romance, it’s no surprise that good ol’ Stan would theme his 21st birthday as ‘The Black Parade’.

I was part of this parade, and here are the pics:

Our birthday boy, Stan! Who can’t differentiate a burger from a cake!!

Vincent (or was it Malcolm?), with his trademark ‘fake’ smile 😀

Wei Hong, aka ‘Jonathan’, the ever-cool

And Xiaowen, the ‘constipated’…jokin’ 🙂

I wonder if the birthday boy is wondering he’d invited the wrong friend…?

Now, someone explain to me why the roles were reversed

My ‘virgin’ Botak Jones meal: Cajun Chicken meal, with cheese and an extra side of bacon

Stan’s ‘I-forgot-what-you-call-it’ burger

Cheese fries…shared by everyone, though mostly conquered by me 😛

No more space for anything else

The usual cam-whores…*laugh*

Were they amazed by the photo, or the camera itself?

Blurred for the following reason: Depicting someone with suicidal tendency

Conquered the regular (despite what my friends had told me to be impossible)!
Next, the large!!!

Probably jealous of me because I could finish my meal and he couldn’t… 😛

A picture speaks a thousand words…find your own ones for this picture

Dun ask me who’s the spastic-looking guy beside the birthday boy…I’ve no idea

Now that this Black Parade is over, the next Parade to look forward to:
National Day Parade!!!

My ass…not for me. 🙂


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