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Kamen Rider Kiva Episode 12

First Live Show: Golden Speed

The year 2008.
The Spider Fangire, having saved by the appearance of Kiva, is running as far as possible from the scene and IXA. Reverting back to his human form, Itoya finds an unconscious Kiva, who has been washed ashore from the sea. Seeing his chance, Itoya tries to smash Kiva’s head with a large rock, but he springs off in fright when his body starts stirring. Kivat expresses concern over Wataru, who suffered an injury to his left elbow, and soon Wataru blacks out again.
Subconsciously, Wataru starts having nightmares of his debut live performance, which is around the corner.

The year 1986.
Yuri confronts Jirou, asking him why he is using IXA system that should belong to her. She runs off to find Shima when Jirou remains indifferent. At Café mald’amour, Yuri expresses her dissent to Shima over his decision to hand the IXA system to Jirou. He replies that the system does not belong to her alone, but to humanity, and that he cannot entrust the system to her as long as she does not realize this point. Reaching her limit, Yuri quits the Aozora Organization in a fit, and screams at Jirou in his face that she does not wish to see him anymore after another futile attempt to have the IXA system.

Shima receives news of Kiva’s ‘death’ straight from Nago. Nago, now prouder than ever, proposes an expansion of the Aozora Organization, and that he will be the new king of the organization. Shima merely treats it as one of Nago’s wild dreams.
At another practice run, Wataru is unable to play as well as he should, due to his injury at his elbow, and Kengo calls off practice in frustration. Lazing under the sun outside, Kengo urges Wataru to share more about himself to him, since they are already friends. Just then, Nago drops by, who is in exceptionally high spirits. Wataru cries out in pain when reaching for the drink offered by Nago, and both Nago and Kengo is shocked to see a huge bruise on his elbow. Nago relocates his elbow, and ties a sling for Wataru using his scarf. Nago notices the electric guitars, and advises the duo to think about doing more for the world than music. Kengo, turning a deaf ear, plays his guitar for Nago in appreciation for the drink, but is punched by him instead. Nago strides off, leaving the stunned Wataru and Kengo.

The Spider Fangire is able to feed on his next prey when he is interrupted by Nago. The Fangire halts Nago’s attempt in attacking halfway, and informs him of Kiva’s survival. Nago, unable to believe his ears, assaults the teasing Itoya, and orders him to follow his orders if he wishes to stay alive.

Otoya is playing his violin for the lowers when Yuri comes visiting, asking him out on a date. They have a great time together, and even Otoya is unable to keep up with Yuri’s pace. At their final stop, boat-rowing at a lake, Yuri suddenly feels like swimming, and jumps into the water. She taunts Otoya into doing so as well, and ends up having to save him when he does so without knowing how to swim.
At the lakeside, the drenched couple sit in wait, with Yuri always thinking back on the time when her mother passed away. Woke by Otoya, she hides her troubles by acting all chummy with Otoya. However, Otoya walks off, leaving Yuri alone, after commenting hoe she isn’t herself, and that facade is not the true side of the woman he loves.

Otoya heads off to find Jirou to request for the IXA system to be given to Yuri. He even goes down on his knees when Jirou refuses once again. Rain falls, and Yuri shows up as well, who kneels down in front of Jirou with Otoya to beg for the IXA system. Before getting a reply, Jirou suddenly collapses.
At the ward room where Jirou is resting, Yuri learns more the IXA system from Shima: the IXA system is still incomplete, and it places a huge burden on the body of its user. That is the reason for Shima’s refusal on Yuri using the system, as it might cost her her life. Back at his bedside, Yuri starts tearing, finally knowing what Jirou had done for her. He holds up his hand, telling her that he needs her, and Yuri holds it, thanking him.

At Café mald’amour, THE IKEMENS members think about their next course of action, now that Wataru is injured. Kengo decides that Wataru will do the vocals, and Megumi volunteers herself to fill in his position as bass guitarist.
On her way back, Megumi gets captured by Itoya. She is knocked unconcious by the Fangire, but the Spider Fangire does not have much quality time to spend with Megumi when Wataru shows up, having sensed his presence. Arriving on his Machine Kivaa, Wataru henshins into Kiva, and shows no mercy on the Fangire. Before he can continue on to destroy the Spider Fangire, someone calls out to Kiva, and he sees Nago transforming into IXA and attacking straight after. The sly Spider Fangire takes this chance to sneak attack Kiva, but he is shot by IXA, despite following his orders to lure Kiva, and he flees.
IXA gets on his IXAlion, giving him the upperhand. Kiva, having tasted twice the power of IXA and IXAlion, rides his Machine Kivaa. He goes on to use the Buroon Fuestle, summoning Buroon, which envelopes around the motorcycle, turning it into Buroon Booster (ブロンブースター).
The battle escalates into a race, and eventually the 2 Riders face each other on their bikes. At high speeds, they ride off, and they jump off their bikes, executing their Rider Kicks. However, IXA proves to be the weaker fighter, and Nago is left lamenting about his loss under Kiva’s hands.

The time for the live debut of THE IKEMENS has come, and the audience, though small, is rather hyped over their performance. Like in Wataru’s nightmare, he gets stage fright, taunted by rowdy crowd before him. The audience starts to get unhappy when Wataru does not start to sing, but eventually Wataru finds the courage within him and delivers a powerful performance for their debut.

Yuri seeks an explanation form Shima for his decision to give IXA to Jirou

Nago, gleeful after Kiva’s ‘death’ under his hands

Nago has a soft side sometimes, as he helps Wataru with a sling for his arm

Yuri and Otoya, out on a first date

Both Otoya and Yuri beg Jirou for the IXA system to be given to Yuri

The Buroon Booster (ブロンブースター

A high speed face-off, on motorcycles

Double Rider Kick!! But against each other…

Nago cannot believe IXA is weaker than Kiva

A debut not just for Wataru, but for everyone in THE IKEMENS


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