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Blabbering of a Fool

Kamen Rider Kiva Episode 11

Rolling Stone: Dream Door

The year 2008.
At an abandoned building, a rock band by the name of THE IKEMENS (THE イケメンズ) are practicing their original song, Destiny’s Play, for their debut live performance. Despite being a good practice run, with the lead singer totally hyped by it, the remaining 3 members tell him of their decision to quit the band, the reason being too tired to hang out with him. Looking at the backs of his former band members, the lead singer vows loudly that he will continue ‘rocking’ the owrld with his music.

The year 1986.
Yuri is paying her respects to her mother, Asou Akane (麻生 あかね), at her grave, when Shima comes visiting as well. He tells Yuri about the completion of the IXA system, and she desperately requests the use of the system. Understanding her feelings, Shima goes on to reminisce about akane, about her being a founding member of the Aozora Organization, and the creator of the IXA system. Yuri starts thinking back about the past as well, back at the time of her mother’s death, at the hands of a Fangire with a mark of a Rook on the back of his hand and jacket.

Just like 22 years ago, Megumi is now paying her respects to her mother, Yuri. Shima drops by to pay his respects as well. Megumi asks Shima for the IXA system to be handed to her, as she wishes to carry on Yuri’s will, but Shima refuses again, telling her that her feelings for revenge is too strong, and that IXA is not to be used for selfish purposes. Facing disappointment yet again, Megumi storms off.
In his mansion, Wataru is working on a new violin again, but he cannot seem to concentrate on the job well, after what had happened to his teacher, Oomura. He goes wandering around the streets later, trying to find out the thing he lacks that is preventing from creating his own perfect violin. He stumbles upon the sounds of rock music, something which he has never heard before, and enticed by this unfamiliar music, he becomes the first and the only person to sit through the performance of Destiny’s Play by the only member of the IKEMENS left. He introduces himself to Wataru as Eritate Kengo (襟立 健吾), and is surprised to find a person who has never heard of rock music. Seeing a curious Wataru, he lets Wataru bring home one of his electric guitars to practice, to the bewilderment of Shizuka and excitment of Kivat.

A woman is attacked by the Earwig Fangire in the forest, but is saved in time by the intervention of Yuri. However, like always, Yuri gets beaten down by the Fangire, who escapes, leaving her lying on the ground, vowing to destroy it with the IXA system.

Wataru shows Kengo the results of his practice on the electric guitar, and Kengo is amazed by the musical talent of Wataru. He asks Wataru to join him in reviving THE IKEMENS, but they realize that they are still lacking a drummer. Shizuka shows up, and after displaying her superb drumming skills, the new IKEMENS band is born.
The IKEMENS members celebrate their meeting at Café mald’amour, where Kengo meets Megumi for the first time. Megumi, who is drunk after 3 cups of Irish coffee, which has whiskey in it, congratulates Wataru on finally making a friend. She continues making a commotion and a fool of herself until Nago enters the café, whom Wataru greets immediately. A private meeting on the rooftops, Wataru apologises to Nago for his impertinence earlier. Nago then asks a favor from Wataru as proof of his sincerity: to find Kiva so as to allow Nago to defeat him.
This favor leaves Wataru pondering about Nago’s view of Kiva as humanity’s enemy.

Otoya chances upon Yuri along the river bank, and is rather surprised to see her in unusually high spirits. She explains to him it is because she will obtain something she has desired for a long time soon.

Megumi is training by herself when Nago comes along. He haughtily praises her for her hard work, yet implies indirectly that such training is useless to be chosen for the IXA system. Megumi stops halfway in her jog, sensing the presence of a Fangire, and sure enough, they see Itoya spying on Megumi from afar. Nago chases after the fleeing Itoya and catches up with him, and the both of them faces off with each other as IXA and the Spider Fangire respectively.

Otoya and Yuri continue walking together into a carpark, with Yuri too happy to bother about Otoya’s crazy antics. Just then, the Earwig Fangire smashes through the wall and attacks the both of them, knocking Otoya unconscious in the process. Yuri is pinned by the Fangire, but is saved by a running figure who kicks the Fangire away. She is shocked to see the prototype IXA right in front of her. The prototype IXA continue to execute a barrage of attacks on the Earwig Fangire, but being a prototype, the system starts to lose power and steam ejects from everywhere. Nevertheless, IXA manages to destroy the Fangire with a last minute use of the IXA Knuckle, as Broken Fang.
With the power out, the armor retracts into the belt, and Yuri finds herself facing Jirou, the user of the IXA system.

Wataru is practicing for the live gig of THE IKEMENS at home when the Bloody Rose starts sounding, signifying the presence of a bestial Fangire.
Meanwhile, IXA is still fighting the Spider Fangire when he gets bound by his web, giving the Fangire a chance to escape. No time for the Fangire to rest though, when he meets Wataru, who transforms into Kiva. Exhausted form his battle with IXA, the Spider Fangire gets thrashed by Kiva. He tries escaping, but is cornered by Megumi and IXA, who sends him flying by ramming him with his bike, the IXAlion. To Megumi’s shock, IXA attacks Kiva instead of going after the Spider Fangire.
Kiva, caught off guard by the sudden attacks, falls into the sea, and a crazed Nago watches from above, screaming a self-proclaimed victory.

Yuri’s gravestone, erected next to her mother, Akane’s

Back at the time when it was too late to save Yuri’s mother

Eritate Kengo (襟立 健吾), portrayed by Kumai Kouhei (熊井 幸平

Earwig Fangire

Shizuka shows off her prowess at drumming

The new IKEMENS, bothered by a drunk Megumi

Nago asks of Wataru a difficult task: to find Kiva so as to destroy him

One of the drawbacks of the prototype IXA system in 1986

IXA, atop his motorcycle, the IXAlion

A crazed Nago, excited about his victory over Kiva…?


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