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Long Lost Update

After a long chain of nothing but song lyrics, guess it’s time for some updates on myself. 🙂

More meet-ups with Waltz, Kodomut, and even Yuxi (if I didn’t get the date wrong… 😛 )
It’s always eat, eat, and more eat with them!! Haha…
And not forgetting the late nights. 😀
Regrettably, always unable to join them in their games of badminton, or random sports regime, due to work.

Speaking of work…learning how to play 3D Studio Max 7 in the office. 😛

My results so far:



I know, Nohonhon’s ‘arm’ looks horrid… 😛
And yeah…Nohonhon’s a Korean character!!! (Didn’t know when I made the model) 😦

Anyway…still contemplating whether to leave for greener (part-time) pastures. 😀

So long, for now!!

One response to “Long Lost Update

  1. waltzx Friday, August 1, 2008 at 1140

    No one likes clicking youtube links
    Tour de Japon – Theme of Love (愛のテーマ, Final Fantasy IV)

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