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The Dark Knight

Watched The Dark Knight with Waltz and Kodomut yesterday night at Eng Wah, Sun Plaza (the cinema which you will always get tickets, even on opening nights).
Boy, how long has it been since I’ve last enjoyed a movie like that!?

Well, no point for me to write too much about the details of the movie, for I believe everyone must watch it, be it whether you are a fan or not.

About the Joker…seriously, I always thought of the Joker portrayed by Mr. Jack Nicholson as scary.
Enough to make you shit in your pants.
But Mr. Heath Ledger’s Joker……he makes you shit in your pants, then makes you eat it while having a smile on your face…all ‘voluntarily’. 😮

And let’s not forget about the Batman.
Mr. Christian Bale…by far the next best Bruce Wayne, on the same level as Micheal Keaton…or not better.
Seriously, it’s the toughest battle for Batman/Bruce Wayne this time. Not only does not he have to deal with physical confrontation against crime, he also has to fight himself in a war of morals and beliefs.
So about the comments which people say that the Joker overshadows the Batman…not true.
It’s just like what the Joker says: “You…complete…ME.”
And I’m sure the Batman is feeling the same as well towards the Joker.

And finally, Harvey Dent.
A very strong origin story for this character this time, and with a powerful Mr. Aaron Eckhart to bring the character alive.
And despite knowing what would happen to him eventually…you will definitely feel for him…the pain he has gone through, and his sorrows.

All the best to the next actor taking up the mantle of Joker…you’ve got one hell of a high standard to reach.

And to Mr. Heath Ledger, rest in peace.

Now, I’m up for a second time for this movie!! Ask me!!

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