Words of MavericK

Blabbering of a Fool

04S23 class gathering…2008…?

It’s late now, yet I must finish this post.
Before I forget anything. 😛

Had a class gathering, organized by Xian Yi-bro. A barbeque.
A disaster. Screwed up at starting up the fire/flame. Then was only able to cook food for ~1 hour, as no one bother to maintain the heat by adding charcoal.
Tried desperately to restart the fire…but finally knew to give up when the Styrofoam lid I used to fan broke to pieces (once broken by myself in a fit of frustration 😛 )

NEVERTHELESS!!! It was great seeing everyo…erm, some faces again, after such a long time. 🙂
Yeah, I’m a rather passive person and so may not express as such back then, when I’m truly glad to see one another again.

Look forward to another one in the future…but probably hard, due to different schedules, and the response generated has, so far, always been rather poor. :S
Who’s willing to take up the challenge!?!?

ME!? 😮

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