Words of MavericK

Blabbering of a Fool

A Random Update

Random picture. Bored that day.
And an uncommon sight of me having my hair down (or as ‘down’ as I can make it).
Hair up, hair down, still the same ugly fool. Haha. 😀

I was late for work today again…30 minutes late. All thanks to our World Class Transport system again.

Watch 2 movies during this period: Kung Fu Panda, and The Incredible Hulk.
Watched Kung Fu Panda on Friday with XY and WH, after we met up for dinner. Pretty nice and funny indeed, but the length of the movie does not justify the Friday night pricing. Well, we watched the Digital one…so it kinda makes up for the length…..I think.
Watch it on a weekday!!!

And somehow, may be rude, but for some times I felt like I was going out alone.

Then yesterday night, went to watch The Incredible Hulk with Waltz and Samuel Chong. The second time the 3 of us watching a superhero movie, the first being Ironman (Marvel!). Seriously, the movie is just like its title…ITS INCREDIBLE!!! Definitely worth watching once at least, anyday of the week!!
Can’t wait for Captain America, and according to Waltz, Thor too! 😀
After the movie, we went to eat at Mac’s, since Waltz bro didn’t eat his dinner. We, ex-students of Anderson Secondary School, talked about the past and gossipped about people we know of. A truly enjoyable time for me.
Really like to have more ‘talk-cock’ sessions like this. Haha…:P

Anyway, passed my Final Theory Test yesterday. Took me a mere 25 minutes (getting big-headed eh? :P). Anyway, looking for a private instructor now…how do I do so? Any recommendations? 😀


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