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Blabbering of a Fool

Monstrosity in my Room

A monstrosity dropped by my room yesterday night…or technically, this morning.
Look, even Momo is scared stiff. 😀

Taking a closer look:

My home somehow attracts these weird beings most of the time…or probably it’s because I turn off the lights too late at night (Yup, they are attracted to lights, especially orange ones [from my observations]. One way to get rid of bugs in your room is to switch on the lights in another room, most of the time the living room, and turn off the ones in yours…though you have to risk the bug flying in your face, since you can’t see where it’s flying, and also the people outside in the bright room. 😀 )

And yeah, that’s a CD case cover I’m using to hold the monstrosity…and no, I dun use the same one for my CD case.

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