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Stories of Jealousy and Obsession…?

Had a rather interesting weekend.

Firstly, good ol’ SY linked me to this YouTube video which supposedly is about ‘the rise and fall’ of anime fansubs. There are 5 parts. I watched 2 and could get the whole idea.
To simpy put it, the creator is just jealous that the general audience is able to read the fansubs and a minority of English-speaking people are unable to understand them.

Reminder: Anime is made by the Japanese, primarily for the Japanese. Fansubs are made by fans, for fans. Dun like their subtitling? Dun watch them. Go do subtitles of your own.
If you like the show, go learn more about the show.

One interesting he/she had made: Jokes and puns aren’t funny when explained.
True, provided you can listen or read the jokes or puns. Without explanation, you wun be able to even understand that a joke or pun was made. 🙂

I kinda regret introducing my friend(s?) to Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu (anime).
(At least?) One of them is crazy over Hirano Aya now. OK, maybe ‘crazy’ isn’t enough to explain his…condition…? 😛
Even his perception of modesty has been fried.

How come I dun become like that, after having much more years of craze over Japan than him?  |||O_o

Sorry, my friend. 😦


2 responses to “Stories of Jealousy and Obsession…?

  1. MavericK Wednesday, June 4, 2008 at 2234

    Haha…now, you’re the one to name the person who made the video/s, not me huh…wahaha… 😛

    You are more rational…though you choose not to. 😀

  2. RIPstan Wednesday, June 4, 2008 at 2216

    ‘The rise and fall of anime fansubs’ by self-claimed Otaking. I’m spell-bounded by Hiranoism too.

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