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Kamen Rider Kiva Episode 10

Dance of Swords: Melody of Glass

The year 2008.
Now in Burst Mode, IXA is slowly eroding the Frog Fangire’s life. IXA takes out the IXA Calibur to finish off the Fangire, but Wataru shoves him away before IXA can do any further damage. Shielding the Fangire with his own body, Wataru asks him to escape, ignoring IXA’s orders to him to move aside, and the Fangire retreats. Unable to accept the course of events, Nago, having transformed back, demands the reason for Wataru’s imprudent actions, but all Wataru can do is apologize to him. Seeing futility in pressing any further, Nago tells the now kneeling Wataru that he no longer wishes to see his face.

The year 1986.
At Café mald’amour, Otoya tells Yuri about Jirou being a monster, as witnessed by himself at the pier. However, Yuri treats the statement as a sign of jealousy towards Jirou and dismisses it, and even speaks up for Jirou. Soon, Jirou shows up in the café and Otoya acts all wary towards him, telling him that he tastes bad, if Jirou is intending to feed on them. Jirou merely squirts ketchup all over Otoya’s face. He then comments about Kido playing Onyanko Club’s songs again, and Kido finds out that they both share a common interest towards Yamamoto Susan Kumiko, together with Shima. Shima then makes a nonsensical statement that no fan of the Onyanko Club is a monster.

Oomura and Wataru resume their lesson on violin-making, despite their previous encounter against each other, and against Nago/IXA. Wataru breaks the ice by telling his teacher that he does not see him as a Fangire, and Oomura replies that it is the same for himself. Curious about the peculiar Oomura, Wataru asks if he still attacks humans, which his teacher gives the answer of not having done so for 22 years. When asked for the reason, Oomura goes on to tell Wataru about a promise made to a certain man, and the story of the Black Star, the violin masterpiece which he had made 22 years ago.

Yuri is once again strolling on the streets with the Black Star in her hands, acting as bait for the Frog Fangire. Sure enough, Oomura shows up in front of Yuri, demanding for his violin to be returned. Yuri withdraws her Fangire Slayer while Oomura transforms into the Frog Fangire, but Otoya comes running all of a sudden, dealing with the Fangire on his own. Obviously being no match to his opponent, Otoya rolls down the flight of stairs, bringing Yuri down with him. Yuri, with no interruptions this time, attacks the Frog Fangire, but with the injuries suffered from her fall, she stands no fighting chance against the monster and gets pinned by him. Jirou shows up, but the Fangire escapes, knowing that he is at a disadvantage. Seeing that Yuri is able to help herself up, Jirou retrieves the violin case, only to find out that the Black Star has been switched by Otoya, who has long made his getaway, with a case of toys.
Otoya walks away happily with his prize, seemingly unaware that Oomura is tailing him. Before Oomura makes his move, Jirou stands in Otoya’s path, with the intent of retrieving the Black Star. The two men walk towards each other, with Jirou asking the reason for Otoya’s obsession with the Black Star, and Otoya asking the reason for a monster being interested in the Aozora Organization, and Yuri. Eventually they come face-to-face, and Jirou taunts Otoya by saying that Yuri looks delicious to him. He then tries stop Otoya from advancing any further, but Otoya, with his hidden quick reflexes, steals Jirou’s Fangire Slayer and points it on his neck, warning him to stay off Yuri. Returning the weapon, both men go their separate ways, and Oomura continues to tail Otoya.

Still on the topic of the Black Star, Oomura tells Wataru of how the great violin of his always ended up in the hands of unworthy people, such as collectors or third-rate violinists.

Otoya finally returns to the Kurenai mansion with the Black Star safely in his hands. He opens the violin case, admiring the beauty that is the Black Star, and asks Oomura is a Fangire, knowing that he has followed him all the way to his home. Oomura expresses his desire to know whether Otoya is worthy of possessing the Black Star, and Otoya, learning that the violin is the cause for the attacks and disappearances, threatens to smash the violin. He stops at the last minute however, evoking Oomura’s surprise, saying that the violin itself is not guilty of anything. Seeing the way Otoya handles the Black Star, Oomura knows that he is a violinist and orders him to play, but Otoya refuses him flatly, telling him that there’s a time to play a violin, and a time to listen to one. Coincidentally, his own violin is having some problem with its tone, and Oomura offers a deal of fixing his violin in exchange for Otoya’s playing.

Oomura assures Wataru about him not attacking humans again, since he has the music of the man he had promised to calm him down. In a flashback, Oomura had fixed Otoya’s violin and returned it to him, which Otoya started playing his favorite piece on. His music had not only touched Oomura’s body, but also shaken Oomura’s soul. Oomura offers Wataru his music player to listen to the piece. Upon listening to it, Wataru realizes that the man Oomura had made a promise to was his own father, Kurenai Otoya.

Oomura finally finds the person worthy of the Black Star, and tells Otoya to cherish his masterpiece. However, Otoya rejects his offer, saying that the violin does not seek him. Hearing this, Oomura accepts his decision, but goes on to suggest that he will someday create his own masterpiece, if he becomes a true violinist eventually. With the topic of the Black Star now aside, Otoya comments about Oomura being a Fangire, and Oomura declares that he will never attack humans again. Otoya snubs at this declaration, but Oomura, determined that Otoya’s music is able to curb his thirst for violence, promises him.

On his way from the Kurenai mansion, Oomura gets cornered by Jirou and Yuri, who know about his identity as a Fangire. They attack him, but with his promise to Otoya, Oomura continues to get assaulted by the duo without transforming into the Frog Fangire. Otoya soon comes to his aid, using a fire extinguisher as a smokescreen, allowing Oomura to escape.
Upon daybreak, Oomura is rowing a small boat out into the sea, with his Black Star tied to a concrete girder piece. Telling himself of his rebirth, living in Otoya’s music, Oomura releases the Black Star into the water, since he has no need for the violin.

Wataru asks Nago out for a meeting, hoping to clear things up between them, and at the same time, clear doubts that he has. Upon Nago’s arrival, Wataru asks a series of hypothetical questions about all Fangires being evil, and whether there is the possibility of having a few kind ones around. However, the obnoxious Nago refuses to hear anything that goes against his beliefs, and he stomps off after telling Wataru that he is always right and never wrong.

Oomura walks into an area where construction works are taking place, and he is troubled by the noise produced from the sites, even loud enough to penetrate through the music in his player. Throwing his player on the ground, Oomura then starts raving, shouting for the noise to stop. Nago shows up, recognizing Oomura to be the Frog Fangire. Looking at the music player on the ground, he mocks Oomura for doing something futile like listening to music, and crushes the player with his foot. Oomura, clearly unpleased by what he sees, transforms into the Frog Fangire.
Wataru and Kivat are sharing a conversation back at his mansion, with Wataru expressing elation in knowing that there are kind Fangires around. Just then, the Bloody Rose starts sounding, but Wataru ignores it, fearing that it might be reacting to Oomura. He only departs reluctantly after Kivat’s urging.
Oomura, now as the Frog Fangire, starts attacking viciously on the people working at the construction sites. Wataru soon arrives at the scene, and as Kiva, he tries to stop the Fangire’s rampage. Despite his efforts to stop his attacks and cries for him to stop, the Frog Fangire refuses to come to his senses. Seeing no choice, Kiva throws the Wake Up Fuestle to Kivat, who opens the Hell’s Gate on Kiva’s leg. Kiva uses Darkness Moon Break, but misses the Fangire on purpose. This move results in the Fangire snapping back, and he runs away, leaving a disappointed Kiva.

Oomura comes to the beach at the sea where he had sunk his Black Star 22 years ago, trying to clear his mind. His peace is however brief when the relentless Nago shows up again, causing Oomura to transform into his Fangire form again in defense. Nago then transform into IXA and slowly advances towards the Fangire. The Frog Fangire makes the first move, which proves useless to IXA. IXA then takes out his IXA Calibur, and in Gun mode, shoots the Fangire. Switching to Burst mode and his weapon into Calibur mode, IXA releases a barrage of attacks on the Frog Fangire, cutting him up. Giving him no chance of retaliation, IXA uses the Calibur Fuestle, whereby a sun appears behind IXA, and IXA finishes the Fangire off with the IXA Judgement. Leaving the dying Fangire, IXA walks away.

Wataru comes running to the dying Oomura, somehow sensing him in danger. Wataru expresses his unwillingness for Oomura to leave him, since he still much to learn from him, but Oomura tells Wataru that he will still be able to succeed on his own, since his father is living inside him. He goes on to console Wataru while making his way into the sea, telling him that this is the end befitting him, since he has broken his promise to Otoya. At the final moment, Oomura transforms into the Forg Fangire, and then shatters into shards, leaving not even his soul.

Oomura’s shards sink down to the seabed, returning to where the Black Star is.

Kamen Rider IXA Burst Mode(バーストモード

Otoya makes the big switch of the Black Star

Otoya warns Jirou about laying a finger on Yuri

Otoya rejects the possession of the Black Star, despite Oomura’s acceptance

Kiva using Darkness Moon Break as a bid to bring the Frog Fangire back to his senses

IXA, using the Calibur Fuestle…

…a sun appears behind IXA, the polar opposite of Darkness Moon Break

IXA Judgement

Their last moments as teacher and student

Oomura goes on to rest in peace with his Black Star


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