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Sweet Rain 死神の精度 (Shinigami no Seido)


“A Shinigami (god of death) does not takes lives. He merely judges whether a person is ready to accept death.”
This movie portrays Shinigami’s in another light, and does it quite well too. It depicts them as entities who are able to think and make fair decisions on the lives of people they follow, and thus not all mindless and heartless as the ones most know of from mythology and legends. Yet, at the same time, they are also entities who are indifferent to human life, as long as they perform their tasks in the end, thus portraying a colder, harsher side of their psyche.
We follow our lead Shinigami, who called himself Chiba(千葉), throughout 3 of his tasks, each in different times. The first task was to place judgement on an OL (Office Lady), Fujiki Kazue(藤木 一恵) who had seemingly lost everything: her family, her foster family, and her fiancee. To make her almost meaningless life worse, she was being harassed by a stalker, who always made requests to hear voice. The second task, Chiba had to judge the life of a small yakuza boss, Fujita(藤田) who was being betrayed by his own boss and his fellow member due to their inacceptance to his old yakuza policies and rules.With him is an underling, Akutsu(阿久津), whom he treated like his own younger brother. But Akutsu seemed to have an agenda of his own. The last task, and his last subject, a 70-year-old lady who lives alone with a cyborg, and is able to recognise Chiba as a Shinigami straight away, to his surprise. The lady turns to Chiba for one last wish before reaching the end of her life.

Takeshi Kaneshiro’s portrayal of the Shinigami is an interesting one. When in the midst of his tasks, he is often laidback, and usually can’t be bothered with the troubles of his subjects. His only objects of desire in the human world are music, and the blue sky. Yet, upon completion of his tasks and back to the ‘realm of the Shinigami’s’, Chiba turns into a suave man in a suit, with a face expressing neutrality most of the time.
Konishi Manami seems like a natural choice for the role of Fujiki Kazue, despite having a pretty face. And her singing voice, albeit being very different from her speaking voice, isn’t too straining on the ears (unlike her voice when speaking, after hearing it for too long a period… 😛 ).

A slight spoiler: All three stories are related.

Overall rating: 4.2/5.
Like Koizora, there are some rather humanly impossible scenes that dun make sense at all. 😀


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