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The Meaning of ‘Too Much’

Recently the world has seen 2 great calamities…in my opinion, Mother Nature is showing her wrath on humankind for the countless atrocities committed.

Anyway, I really feel for Myanmar and her people.
But not so much for China. Why?
’cause some of them do not forget their greed even in such times of distress:

And another (This is extremely graphic…would deem this as real-life horror):


Well…this is another of my own rantings…not like anyone would bother. O_o

9 responses to “The Meaning of ‘Too Much’

  1. MavericK Saturday, May 24, 2008 at 1938

    Haha…fate is in our hands, I believe so too.
    But by saying there’s a Hell and a Heaven, then you are contradicting yourself. 😀

    Well, to end things, it’s just sad. 😦

  2. RIPstan Saturday, May 24, 2008 at 1917

    As much as I would like to somewhat agree that our fates may have already been decided. I still believe that fate is in our hands. I’m not too sure about the children, maybe heaven wants them back? Well, the infinite in mystery is the gift of the goddess.

  3. MavericK Saturday, May 24, 2008 at 1906

    Haha…RIPstan bro, I dun understand your point.

    If there is a Hell and a Heaven, it would mean that the fates of peoples are already decided by their actions in their lives, and so they will led to the place most fitting for them. And so in turn, I can say that any consequences that befall on them in their lives, be it good or bad, are also results of their actions before, isn’t it?

    Isn’t it kinda contradicting? 🙂

  4. RIPstan Saturday, May 24, 2008 at 1815

    My friend, the fates are cruel. But I think nobody deserved to be hit by disasters, be it good or bad people. That’s why there’s hell and heaven.

  5. MavericK Wednesday, May 21, 2008 at 1851

    Hi echowillow!
    There’s no such thing as a comment too long in my blog. 🙂

    Why, I dun think I’ve written anything THAT ‘evil’ right? Besides, the screenshot is so very real. Haha…anyway, it’s up to the individual to comprehend them. 😀

    But indeed, nothing can withstand the wrath of great Mother Nature. Talk about having ‘a limit to everything’. Guess it doesn’t just apply to animated beings huh.
    And yes, I agree with you on having too much focus on China. Well, guess I can say that China citizens are more willing to help themselves than the citizens in Myanmar?

    Well, no matter how much the difference there is between the 2 countries, the fact is that tragedy struck, and the ones who suffer the most have got to be the children.

    A question suddenly pops into my head: We always hear about Hollywood stars adopting children from underdeveloped countries. So how come we dun hear about them adopting from China and Myanmar now?

    And before I forget, thanks for your visits, echowillow!! 😀

  6. echowillow Wednesday, May 21, 2008 at 1500

    I wrote too much.. sry.. hehe.. by the way, i read your blog occationally. I like the stuff you write about. thank you~

  7. echowillow Wednesday, May 21, 2008 at 1458

    woah, you actually dared to write it, I really agree with you but never dared to voice about it even on my blog in case I got ‘killed’..:) I totally agree about that mother nature is just giving people back what they deserve (putting it in a crude way).. they were cruel to others before, now they just have to suffer the consequences..

    but its really sad to see all the sufferings, especially in Myanmar.. the people are peaceful, they didn’t choose their gov but they still hanged on.. whereas some of the people in china are seriously arrogant and selfish, esp their opinions on tibet. around my uni, they are trying to raise funds to help the earthquake victims, but there was never one for those in Myanmar (maybe ppl were skeptic of abt giving due to the junta)..

    when the students and teachers from china talk about the plight back home and asking for donations, I always want to ask back, what about those in Myanmar?? Why aren’t you all mourning for them too?

  8. MavericK Tuesday, May 20, 2008 at 1050

    I would comment:
    “China? OK…but why Myanmar?”
    Feeling really sad for the affected children from both sides though.

    And I have no problems with people being off-topic or anything, if not I would have deleted every comment under ‘What I Want’! Haha… 😛

  9. kY Monday, May 19, 2008 at 119

    it’s really sad that mother nature released yet another of her fury in china after what had happened in myanmar.

    life’s really fragile. and everything’s so unpredictable.

    ok. im off topic to what you had written. but still, its related. 🙂

    and i bothered. =P

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