Words of MavericK

Blabbering of a Fool

An update on my life


It’s been like forever since I’ve wrote about anything about myself.
Been up to nothing much…it’s been just work and home for weekdays, work then street-roaming on Saturdays, and then home-staying on Sundays.
Well, there’re also my Japanese lessons and tuition sessions…but they form a routine anyway.

Yup, my life has been nothing but a boring routine.
Meeting with friends? Thought about it. However, it usually gets to the discussion stage before everything gets called off. 🙂
Meeting with girls? Female friends? Dreamed about it, but for it to succeed, wait till my mouth gets as smooth as a waxed bowling lane.

So far, my only entertainment sources are the internet, the television, and my toys. Internet for me to browse through forums and sites, and not forgetting videos. Television for my eyes to be occupied while eating my meals (since we pay ~$110 -compulsory- for crap shit on local television…no need to waste time on it). And my toys…my confidants. (!?!?)
And taking this chance…:

My Sochaku Henshin figures. Still waiting for Kiva to come dropping by. 🙂

My S.I.C. collection. I hear Blade’s footsteps close by…

My Rider Mask collection. Some are hidden due to lack of platforms…
…and I can’t afford to expand this display right now. 😛

Yup, that’s all for personal updates.

And yeah, I started running again…at nights with Walter ol’ bro. A deed that’s very unlike me, but gotta do something about my showing tummy. 😛


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