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Blabbering of a Fool

Kamen Rider Kiva Episode 08

Soul: Dragon Castle, Awaken

The year 1986.
Shima, Yuri, Jirou, Otoya, and Kido have a small meeting of their own, following up on the disappearance of yet another customer of Café mald’amour. With the rest still oblivious to his real identity as a member of the Wolfen Clan, Jirou continues his act, commenting that he does not seem to be assailant’s target, and Otoya mocks him to be useless, even as a bait. Otoya carries on his sarcasm by asking Jirou to leave, for he will be joining the Sugasugashiki Haru Kaze no Kai(清清しき春風会)/Refreshing Spring Wind Organization、and Shima springs up from his seat, reminding Otoya fiercely that it’s the Wonderful Aozora Organization. Jirou, unaffected by Otoya’s words, leaves another 10,000 yen note and leaves. Otoya tries to follow him outside, but is stopped by Kido, who refuses to let him leave without finishing his coffee. He even sends Buruman after the panicking Otoya.

Outside, with his sharp senses, Jirou detects Yuri tailing him, and he shouts out to her that a woman following a man is either trying to pick his pocket, or is in love with him. Yuri steps out, telling him to stop thinking about unnecessary things for she is only tailing him for his protection. As she walks towards Jirou, someone/something tries to attack Yuri from a distance with water bullets, but she manages to dodge them. Jirou suggests that the next possible is Yuri herself, and Otoya arrives just in time, declaring to protect Yuri while at the same time, mocking Jirou. While Otoya helps Yuri up, the sneaky assailant retreats.

The year 2008.
Wataru continues to report to Nago about Maison Cercueil, which so far has nothing unusual about it from his observation, in Café mald’amour. Just then, Megumi arrives and after seeing Wataru with Nago, reprimands Nago for putting someone unrelated to the case in danger. Once again, it builds up into a quarrel, but this time Nago wastes no time and effort to argue with Megumi, and takes his leave shortly, telling her that dealing with her is the greatest waste of time in the world. Wataru, affected by how things have turned out, asks the fuming Megumi the reason for her hatred towards Nago. She tells Wataru about how Nago had caused the death of his own father due to a suspected case of corruption, and that was the start of Nago’s dominating behavior.

Yuri is now traveling with Otoya and Jirou as her guardians. While following behind, Otoya and Jirou take part in childish disputes to try to get rid of the other. A nerd happens to hit on Yuri, and the oversensitive Otoya springs up on him, pins him down, and tries to punch him. However, he is stopped in time by Yuri, who explains to him. Coincidentally, a patrol officer stops by, having seen the commotion earlier. Yuri gets Otoya into trouble by pointing fingers at him, and during all these commotion, Jirou detects a scent and runs off.
A lady is on her way when she is stopped by Jirou, who asks her about having drunk the coffee from Café mald’amour. He then transforms into Garulu and feeds on the soul of the lady with ease. Having heard the scream, Yuri rushes to the scene with Otoya, but all they see is Jirou already at the site, who tells them about how he had arrived too late to apprehend the assailant. Realizing how cunning this assailant is, Otoya makes a decision.
Back at Café mald’amour, Kido makes Otoya chug down a huge mug of coffee, threatening to hit him if he does not do so. Otoya completes this difficult task, so as to make himself the next possible target of the mysterious assailant, but after giving a hearty victory laugh, faints.

Wataru tries to hear more about Nago’s father from the man himself, hoping to understand the whole story. Nago tells Wataru that even if it’s a small mistake, it is still a sin and it must be atoned for. Nago then recalls his past, back when a disagreement with his father turned into a physical fight, and it was at that time when he received his first button of a ‘sinner’.

Yuri learns about how Otoya, who is now resting in Café mald’amour, is unable to stand coffee and leaves him be in the café when he tries to flirt with her. While on her way home, she is confronted by the monster Basshaa. From his attacks, Yuri deduces that he is the one who tried to attack her earlier and assumes that he is the one responsible behind the disappearances. Yuri, with her weapon, attacks the slightly confused Basshaa, but even with Otoya shielding a shot for her and losing consciousness as a result, she proves to be no match for the monster as she lies on the ground, her legs pinned down by rubble. Jirou arrives at the nick of time, and though Basshaa friendlily greets him, Jirou punches the monster and sends him running. Relieved, Yuri takes a look at her saviour and faints.
Strangely, Basshaa returns, and transforms into his human guise known as Ramon(ラモン). He asks Jirou on why he is helping humans, thus confirming their acquaintance, and Jirou tells him that everything he has done is for a plan he has in mind. He also tells Ramon about how he will stop preying on humans so as to prevent any possible interruptions in his plan.

Wataru enters the kitchen of Maison Cercueil to inform Inukai that the restaurant is ready for business, but no one is present. He takes a peek into Inukai’s brewing pot, and seeing the color and gloss of the sauce inside, Wataru takes a ladle full to bring back for his violin. On his way back, he is seen and followed by Megumi, who is enjoying her lunch at her favorite haunt.
Back at Wataru’s mansion, being her first time there, Megumi gets amazed by everything she sees and what Wataru is doing. Even Kivat is surprised to see his ‘Modigliani’. Wataru mixes a varnish using the sauce he took and applies it on a violin, however, under the sunlight, the violin bursts into flames at where the varnish was applied, leaving both Wataru and Megumi shocked. Right after putting the flames out, Inukai comes barging into the room, forcibly taking his sauce back from Wataru’s hand and sternly telling him about his dismissal from the restaurant. Finding Inukai suspicious, Wataru asks Megumi for help in his investigation on Maison Cercueil.
Shizuka eavesdrops on the both of them, and from the few words that she can hear, deduces that Wataru and Megumi are going on another date.

Wataru, all dressed up, goes to meet his expected ‘date’, Megumi. To his surprise, he sees Shizuka, dressed in a gown, already waiting at the meeting place. After speaking bad of Megumi behind her back, Shizuka drags Wataru away, and shortly after Megumi arrives, only to see no one there waiting.
Wataru and Shizuka are already dining at Maison Cercueil when Megumi shows up outside, and like Wataru, surprised to see Shizuka with him. Shizuka is about to take a spoonful of the sauce Wataru had stolen when she is stopped by him, who tells her it will just be bad to eat it. Inukai, who has been observing them, steps out and asks this customer of his about what is wrong with his cooking. He snatches the spoon from Shizuka and after explaining how his special sauce can plump up the souls of humans, forces Shizuka to eat it, revealing his Fangire identity in the process. Wataru quickly slaps away the spoon and pulls the screaming Shizuka away. Inukai goes after them, but is stopped by Megumi (in her battle garb), though not for long as he is able to slip away after transforming into the Prawn Fangire.
Meanwhile, Shizuka is still making her hasty escape while looking out for Wataru. It is only when she finds a safe spot to hide that she realizes Wataru is missing.

Megumi and the Prawn Fangire are now fighting it out at a pier, but as usual, Megumi is no match for a Fangire and falls into the lake. Wataru soon comes running, and transforming into Kiva, continues the fight with the Prawn Fangire. Even Kivat gets a chance to display his skills, and the Prawn Fangire is seriously injured by both Kivat’s and Kiva’s kicks. However, using trickery again, the Fangire escapes Kiva, but not very far from the scene. Knowing his demise under Kiva’s hands is near, the Prawn Fangire decides to sacrifice his own life force into the life energy he has been collecting and transfers the life orb into a rose, turning it multi-colored. Kiva finally finds the Fangire, but the Prawn Fangire shatters into glass shards just before Kiva lands the finishing blow.
At the same time, back at the cellar of Maison Cercueil, the multi-colored roses placed on the 5 coffins integrates into them and they open, releasing countless colored glass shards. Bursting out of the windows of the restaurant, the glass shards gather and form into a giant Fangire monster.
Kiva holds up the multi-colored rose where the Prawn Fangire had laid when a shadow looms over him. The giant monster, using the rose as beacon, comes crashing into where Kiva was standing before he dodged, and releases a barrage of attacks on the retreating Kiva. Seeing no other methods of fighting this enormous opponent, Kiva uses the Doran Fuestle and summons Castle Doran, but it is still beaten into submission by the monster. Hearing Doran’s distress call, a smaller hybrid of a dragon and a windmill known as Shoodoran(シュードラン) appears at the lake and carries Kiva onto Doran, while perching itself on it, releasing Doran’s full potential. Doran, all fired up now, thrashes the monster this time, and with one of Doran’s Pod Shoots as a boost, Kiva destroys the monster with his Darkness Moon Break.
Both Doran and Shoodoran then feast on the 6 Fanfire souls emerging from the monster’s body.

At the Kurenai Mansion, Otoya plays his violin in the moonlight, dedicating this melody to his beloved Yuri in his heart.
Under the same moon, Jirou sees Yuri tailing him again and asks if she is still trying to protect him. Yuri repeats his words about the purpose of a woman following a man, and then shocks Jirou by embracing him, implying that she is in love with him.

How Garulu feeds on the soul of a human

Otoya on the floor after a mug full of coffee

Nago fighting back at his father, whom he eventually caused the death of

Basshaa(バッシャー), of the Merman Clan(マーマン族

Ramon(ラモン), Basshaa’s human guise

Wataru and Shizuka having a glamorous date at Maison Cercueil

A ‘Henshin’ done in style

The gigantic monster formed from the combined souls of Inukai and his servants

Doran and Shoodoran(シュードラン) get to enjoy a feast this time

An embrace of love from Yuri to Jirou


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