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Hanazakari no Kimitachi e Episode 12 (Final) – Part II

With a crowd lining from the school gates to way beyond the school compound, the 25th Osaka Gakuen Festival starts off with a bang. The classes fight it out to attract the most number of customers, and even Akiha and her partner are trying hard to make money by selling the photos of their student. Class 3-C, Nanba’s class, is having a host club, but they face fierce competition form 2-C’s maid cafe. At the entrance of Class 2-C, guests are greeted by sweet Nurse Kayashima and Maid Ashiya, though things are not quite the same inside. Ashiya hits Sano with her tray, telling him to greet the guests with a smile. Hearing the arrival of a ‘big’ guest, Sano turns and greets with a radiant smile, but both him and the guest, Kagurazaka, are shocked to see each other under such circumstances. Kagurazaka comically picks Sano to serve him.
Tennouji and Oscar’s class is performing the play ‘Romeo and Juliet’, with the dorm heads playing the title characters. At the hugging scene on top of a school building however, Tennouji sees the signals of Ashiya and the other, and then sees a jealous Kanna crying out to him. He throws Oscar down the building, and finally completes the play with Kanna. Meanwhile, Juri is roaming around within the school when she sees a board featuring top members of the host club. She holds up her hands when the photo of Kayashima catches her attention, and Kayashima appears out of nowhere, placing his own hands on hers. At the host club, Nanba curses at the couples present: Tennouji-Kanna, Sekime-Erika, Kayashima-Juri. Nakao tries to get Nanba to go out with him and gets punched by him instead.

At the toilet, Nakatsu and Sano talks about Ashiya while relieving themselves (a scary sight). Nakatsu asks Sano why he does not confess to Ashiya about his feelings, even though she is waiting, but Sano replies that Ashiya is still wishing to stay in the school as a guy, and he respects that decision.

Hibari is having takoyaki alone when Oscar walks past, cursing and swearing at Tennouji for spoiling his play while devouring a sausage. He sees Hibari and asks if she can join her, and though he gets snubbed by Hibari, he confesses his love to her. Hibari hits him where it hurts most, but accepts his confession, and ‘Masao’ runs after Hibari, yelling ‘Hibari 4’ endlessly.
Returning from the toilet, Nakatsu and Sano sees Ashiya, who tells them to hurry up for the next item in the festival: a fashion show. Many of Osaka Gakuen’s student dress up in downs, to the (strange) delight of the audience. Oscar gets mocked by Hibari to be ugly, and even Kagurazaka gets roped into the show. At the end of the show, the shocking winner is announced by Yoshioka-sensei: Sano Izumi, and everyone is amazed that Ashiya, the real girl, has lost. Several of Dorm 1 tenants try to dispute with Yoshioka about the results, and Tennouji confronts them, asking them why they had not choose him to be the winner. He punishes them after hearing them hearing that it is impossible. Despite the commotion, Ashiya is enjoying every moment of this time together.

The next day, everyone prepares for a day of celebration for the success of the school festival. Though asked to join in by Sano, Ashiya uses the excuse of leaving something behind in their room and sneaks out. She, dressed in her uniform, packs all her luggage and leaves a message ‘Forever in my heart’ on the window of her dorm room for Sano. Ashiya then carries her luggage and takes a lonely and sorrowful walk around the school, with the intention of leaving the school without anyone knowing. After a last visit to Yuujirou, Ashiya walks out of the dormitory gates, but she finds Yuujirou following her. Waving goodbye to him, she continues on her way out until she sees all her schoolmates, together with the Hibari 4 and Kagurazaka, all in school uniform. already waiting for her arrival. Nanba tells her they have already predicted what she would do, and a touched Ashiya runs up to them.
Nakatsu asks Ashiya for the reason why she wishes to depart secretly, and she replies that it is to avoid a painful farewell. Seemingly unable to accept this, a sullen Nakatsu leaves and Sano follows him. Facing the rest, Ashiya has a lengthy farewell from the respective dorms and Hibari 4, followed by tearful goodbyes from Sekime, Nakao, and the dorm heads. Finally, she is greeted by Akiha, who hands to her a photo album containing photos of her time in the school, and Tsubaki and Sawatari, whom she receives her graduation certificate from, together with the applause from her friends. Right when she is about to leave, Nakatsu comes running again, this time properly completing his farewell to Ashiya, who is now unable to stop her tears, and Nakatsu embraces her, telling he will never say ‘goodbye’, since they can meet whenever they want to.
Ashiay sees the person hardest to say ‘goodbye’ to: Sano, and breaks into tears again, yet Sano remains silent, not knowing what to say. Umeda then shows up with the keys to the school bus, and asks Sano to tag along the trip to send Ashiya to the airport. With a final expression of gratefulness to her schoolmates, Ashiya departs on the school bus, and everyone waves goodbye.

On the bus, Sano, who was sitting at a distance away from Ashiya, moves to sit next to Ashiya. After telling her that it is the same blue sky outside as when he was high-jumping, both of them reminiscences about their time together throughout Ashiya’s stay.

Reaching the airport, Ashiya expresses her thanks to Umeda for all the help that he has given her all those times. While watching Ashiya walking off with Sano, Umeda hears the much-feared voice of Akiha, who has been hiding in the trunk of the bus. Umeda realizes he no longer has a phobia of women after nothing bad happening when Akiha holds his arm. Akiha jokes about becoming his girlfriend again, and is shocked when Umeda replies that he will think about it.
With only the two of them now, Sano confirms with Ashiya that she is no longer a student of Osaka Gakuen, and she is rather hurt by this reminder. Sano then also confirms Ashiya to be no longer a guy, and using a distraction, holds her in his arms and finally giving her a kiss on the lips, confirming his affections to her.
Sano promises Ashiya to go to her the next time, and this time, she confesses her love to him.

And that is the end of Hanazakari no Kimitachi e……

Nakatsu informs Sano about Ashiya having her identity exposed

The reaction of the dorm heads after seeing a girl changing in their school

Sekime hears from Yuujirou about the disguised girl

Shocked to find the secret leaked despite their efforts

Ashiya miraculously (or deviously) passing the gender test

Hibari decides to return Ashiya’s missing passport and wallet

The dorm heads find out their girl is in fact…Ashiya!?

Nakatsu and Sano try to help by negotiating with the Sakura Committee

Enjoy the present, and fret not the future

The Hara sisters, whose relationship only a few know of

The Sano family finally finds peace

Kayashima’s words of consolation are as cold as winter

Ashiya apologizes to everyone in Class 2-C for deceiving them for so long

Kagurazaka stupefied to see Sano in a maid costume

Maid Ashiya…what’s not to love?

The unwanted bachelors at the host club

A truly terrifying sight

Hibari’s way of accepting someone proves too painful for Oscar

Kyobashi, Nakao, and Noe in gowns!?

Tennouji and Oscar…and even Kagurazaka is pulled into the show

The Dorm 2 ‘beauties’

The highlight of the fashion show, and Sano wins instead of Ashiya, the real girl

A final message from Ashiya to Sano

All of Ashiya’s schoolmates send their well-wishes and farewells

Konno Mahiru(紺野 まひる) as Hara Akiha(原 秋葉), Matsuda Seiko(松田 聖子) as Tsubaki(椿)
Ukaji Takashi(宇梶 剛士) as Sawatari(猿渡)

Shirota Yuu(城田 優) as Kagurazaka Makoto(神楽坂 真言)

Matsuda Madoka(松田 まどか) as Kishizato Juri(岸里 樹理)
Taira Airi(平 愛梨) as Abeno Erika(阿部野 エリカ)
Iwasa Mayuko(岩佐 真悠子) as Hanayashiki Hibari(花屋敷 ひばり)
Kiritani Mirei( 桐谷 美玲) as Amagasaki Kanna(尼崎 カンナ)
Kurose Manami(黒瀬 真奈美) as Imaike Komari(今池 こまり)

Okada Masaki(岡田 将生) as Sekime Kyougo(関目 京悟)

Kimura Ryou(木村 了) as Senri Nakao(中央 千里)

Yamamoto Yuusuke(山本 裕典) as Kayashima Taiki(萱島 大樹)

Ishigaki Yuuma(石垣 佑磨) as Tennouji Megumi(天王寺 恵)

Kyou Nobuo(姜 暢雄) as Oscar M. Himejima(オスカー・M・姫島)

Mizushima Hiro(水嶋 ヒロ) as Nanba Minami(難波 南)

Kamikawa Takaya(上川 隆也) as Umeda Hokuto(梅田 北斗)

Ikuta Toma(生田 斗真) as Nakatsu Shuuichi(中津 秀一)

Oguri Shun(小栗 旬) as Sano Izumi(佐野 泉)

Horikita Maki(堀北 真希) as Ashiya Mizuki(芦屋 瑞稀)

…or so it seems!

1 month later, now in California, Ashiya is on her way out from home when an arrow mysteriously lands on the lawn right before her. She picks it up to find a newspaper tied to it: Osaka Sports! She reads it and is shocked to find out…the students of Osaka Gakuen will be coming over to California for a field trip!
Together with the dorm heads who will pay for their own tickets!

“NO WAY!!!”

Snapshot of the episode!

The real kiss between Ashiya and Sano!


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  1. amy chan Sunday, December 27, 2009 at 2201

    omg i love this drama n manga there all so kawaiiiiiii hehe

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