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Hanazakari no Kimitachi e Episode 12 (Final) – Part I

At the National Track & Field Rally, right before the high-jumping event, Sano realized that he had forgotten his good luck charm which was given to him by his mother. Being told by Sano to keep it for him for the time being, Ashiya rushed back to their dorm room to retrieve the charm. At the same time, Sano’s mobile phone, which he had also forgotten to bring with him, rang, and it was a call made from the hospital Takehiko was staying in.
On her way back to the field, Ashiya drops her wallet, which had her passport inside, and Hibari happened to pick it up. Returning finally, she sees Sano passing every chance to jump, until the bar was raised to a height of 2.21 meters then did Sano attempt. For the first 2 tries, he failed to make the jump, and Ashiya, holding Sano’s charm tightly, yelled out to him an advice given in relay to her from Takehiko at the hospital. And it was with this piece of advice which resulted in Sano barely making the jump, and thus achieving his first national jump in 5 years and breaking his own previous record.
Meanwhile, Hibari looked inside Ashiya’s passport and to her surprise, found out about her true identity as a girl. She arranged to meet the 3 dorm heads of Osaka Gakuen at the park that evening, wishing to tell them the truth. At the same time, Nakatsu was strolling around when he chanced upon them without their knowledge.

The dorm heads treat Hibari’s words as a joke, but is surprised when she tells them she possesses evidence of Osaka Gakuen having a girl in the student body. She is about to show Ashiya’s passport to them when Nakatsu intervenes, using the celebration after the rally as a distraction. Hibari leaves shortly, but not without promising the dorm heads another meeting of their own.
At Room 205, Ashiya is desperately searching for the wallet that she had lost. She even stops Sano from helping out, afraid that her identity would be exposed from her profile in her passport, which she had placed in her wallet. Just then, Nakatsu drops in, and asks Sano for a private talk outside. Nakatsu tells Sano about Ashiya’s wallet and passport in Hibari’s possession, and how she had tried to reveal everything to the dorm heads. He assures Sano that the dorm heads have no idea who the cross-dressing student is, but are aware of one in their midst. Both of them decide to do something about this matter.

At the cafeteria, a party is held for Sano achieving second place in the high-jump event, and for Sekime achieving third place for the 400m hurdles event. Being dragged away by Nakao, Sekime is reminded of a school event right after the National Rally: The Osaka Gakuen Festival. Announcing this very important news to everyone present, Sawatari goes on to elaborate that it is not a competition between dorms this time, but a competition between the classes of Osaka Gakuen, and that the one class that has the highest profit will receive a special prize. The crowd goes into a frenzy hearing the good news, except for Ashiya, who bears a dejected look on her face.
Later that night, Hibari meets Sano upon his request. Though excited at first, Hibari’s face changes when she hears Sano asking for Ashiya’s belongings from her. She states a condition to Sano before she can do so, which is to ask Ashiya to see her.

The next morning, Class 2-C is in its usual rowdy state as the students discuss on what they are going to do for the Osaka Gakuen Festival. Dorm 1 tenants suggest a martial arts competition, while Dorm 3 tenants recommend a play or a musical. Another suggestion is a maid cafe. Unable to come to a consensus, the students start getting physical, but Ashiya calms them down and suggests on voting to decide on the item. During the course of voting, Nakatsu asks Sano about the passport, and hears about the condition lied down by Hibari. Understanding Ashiya, both of them knows that she will leave on her own accord if she knew her identity was expoed. From the votes, everyone votes for a maid cafe, and Ashiya is aparently tired of the idea of dressing up again.
Later in the day, Ashiya heads to her usual spot for changing into gym wear. At the same building, the three dorm heads are conducting a search on their own for the alleged ‘girl’ in their school, when they see a girl , though not seeing her face, changing in one of the offices. Their faces get cramped from extreme shock.

Tennouji and Kana are on a sweet date when he suddenly recalls on the changing girl in their school, and he breaks out in an insane amount of sweat. He kneels in front of Kanna, apologizing to her for ‘cheating’ on her unintentionally, and accidentally leaks out the news of a girl in Osaka Gakuen. Hearing this, Kanna zooms to Hibari and her friends, telling them what Tennouji had told her. However, Hibari, thinking that it’s still too early to let the cat out of the bag, tells her that she had probably heard wrongly, and gives another (lame) rumour. This ridiculous rumour starts spreading, starting with Komari, and after a long series of nonsense conveyed by people not even associated to Osaka Gakuen, the (correct) news about Osaka Gakuen having a girl in its midst spreads to Yuujirou by a stray cat. Eventually, Sekime, after confirming with both Yuujirou and the cat, learns about the shocking news too.
That evening, Ashiya continues her search for her wallet at the cafeteria while everyone is having their dinner. Sekime comes rushing in, announcing the news of a girl in their all-boys school. Nakatsu and Sano spits their soup in response, while Ashiya is shocked stiff. Everyone seems to doubt the credibility of this piece of news, and Tennouji gets knocked out by a kick from Oscar for leaking the news. Nanba comments that they have no choice but to find the girl out.

The entire student body starts conducting their own search for the rumoured ‘girl’: Dorm 1 deploys search parties to conduct body checks on anyone suspicious; Dorm 3 tries receiving enlightenment from mystic forces again, resulting in Oscar getting possessed yet again, this time turning into a woman; and Dorm 2 conducts checks on everyone using Noe’s scientific inventions. Through combined trickery from Sano and Nakatsu, Ashiya manages to make it through all the checks without exposing her identity. Seeing their efforts to be futile, the students deem the news to be false, and they start discussing about what they would do if there really was a girl. Understandably, almost everyone think that the ‘perpetrator’ should not be forgiven for deceiving them, and a depressed look shows on Ashiya’s face again.
At night, Ashiya lies on the floor as she starts thinking about things, while Sano is out meeting Hibari again. Though expecting her to remain firm on her condition, he is surprised to see Hibari handing the wallet and passport to him, telling him that the mission of the Hibari 4 is to bring joy to the students of Osaka Gakuen, not chaos. Hibari also becomes the first person Sano tells of his love towards Ashiya.

The next morning, while preparing for school, Ashiya is elated to see her wallet on the desk. Sano refuses to tell her how he had found it, and assures her that he had not looked inside the wallet.
Outside the same building where they had witnessed the girl changing a week ago, Nanba and Tennouji lie in wait, hoping to recognize the student this time, while Oscar, still possessed, arrives dancing. Hearing footsteps, the dorm heads hide, pulling Oscar along, and Nanba is shocked to see Ashiya, a fellow tenant of Dorm 2, to be the suspicious one. Later in the day, Ashiya is asked to see the Sakura Committee in the student council room. Inside, the three heads lets her know of their witnessing of a girl changing in the management office in the secluded building, and go on to question her about any secrets that she might be keeping from them.
Outside, Nakatsu hears from Sano about Ashiya retrieving her wallet. Along the way, they meet Sekime, who tells them about Ashiya getting summoned to the council room by the Sakura Committee, and they rush off to find her.
Back in the student council room, Ashiya has kept quiet so far, but after some further urging by Tennouji and Oscar, she finally reveals to the 3 of them her identity as a girl. Just then, Sano and Nakatsu barge through the door. They confess to knowing Ashiya as a girl even before the dorm heads, and Sano goes on to explain how she had entered Osaka Gakuen just for his sake. When asked by Nanba, Ashiya makes the decision of leaving the school, so as to prevent anymore problems for the student body, but Nanba convinces her to stay until his and the other dorm heads’ graduation in March, to give her time to think about her next step.

Once outside, Ashiya, Sano, and Nakatsu gather around a bench, but things are awkward between them, now that Ashiya knows the secret of the both of them. Just then, the principal, Tsubaki, finally returns to the school and seeing the glum faces, advises them to spend their youth on enjoying the present instead of fretting too much about the future. The 3 of them return to their usual selves. Returning to her office, Tsubaki is greeted by Sawatari, and she thanks him for managing the school so far. She teases him to write a resignation letter when he forgets about the plant she had placed in his care from the start of her departure.

In their dorm room that night, Sano and Ashiya have a chat about how Sano had found out about her identity, and why he didn’t expose her at that point. Sano cannot muster the courage to let his feelings be known to Ashiya and hides in the shower.
The next day, Sano meets his father, who has been discharged from the hospital. While waiting for Shin to arrive and bring Takehiko home, Sano lets his father know about his rekindled passion for high-jumping, marking him as his rival. Takehiko also uses the chance to teach his son a brief lesson about love, which can surpass anything. Soon, Shin arrives in a cab and after telling Sano how he will start chasing him like before, Shin and Takehiko depart for home, leaving Sano.

Meanwhile, back in Osaka Gakuen, Class 2-C students are preparing and setting up their maid cafe. Nakatsu is silently observing Ashiya when he suddenly realizes that there has been no improvements in the relationship between him and Ashiya recently. After yet another mime of his own, he is asked by Ashiya to speak in private outside. There, although he is confident that he stands a chance to be with Ashiya, she rejects Nakatsu straight, saying that although she likes him, she cannot see him in any light other than a best friend, and that there is already another person in her heart, confirmed by Nakatsu to be Sano. Nakatsu, putting up a strong front, tells her that his confession then was just a joke, and leaves. However, now alone, he weeps silently to himself.

At the Principal’s Office, Tsubaki is thinking of a reward for the winning class in the Osaka Gakuen Festival, but all she can suggest are those used in previous competitions. Akiha then arrives at the office, calling Tsubaki ‘Big Sis’, thus revealing her relations to the principal. After Sawatari and the rest of the staff take their leave, Akiha shows the photos she had taken so far of the students during her sister’s absence.
At the same time, Ashiya and her classmates are still busy decorating their classroom when she falls off a stepladder, losing consciousness. Her classmates freak out and while waiting for one of them to call upon Umeda, they decide to loosen ‘his’ shirt so as to help in Umeda’s checkup in any way, but they are surprised when they see Ashiya wearing a vest beneath. Umeda arrives just in time to stop the students from checking any further and carries Ashiya off to his infirmary, but the students of Class 2-C already have their doubts.

Sano, hearing about Ashiya’s accident, rushes to the infirmary, where Umeda is keeping a close watch on her. Umeda tells Sano to hide the truth about Ashiya no matter what the students ask. Ashiya soon regains consciousness. On their way back to their room that evening, Ashiya is asked by Nakao to go to the cafeteria, unknown to what lies ahead. Upon her arrival, she sees everyone gathered around her with dissenting eyes. An apologetic Nanba tries to tell her about what happened in the afternoon, but he is cut short by Nakao, who asks Ashiya directly whether she is truly a girl in disguise. Having nothing to say in her defense, Ashiya runs away, thus confirming everyone’s doubts about her.
Ashiya sits on a bench alone in the park, thinking about what her next step should be.

At the same time, Nakatsu is sitting alone in front of the school, when Kayashima comes running to him, reporting about Ashiya’s identity being exposed to everyone. Nakatsu runs off on impulse, but stops suddenly, and Kayashima asks if he had been rejected. Nakatsu, unhappy that Kyashima has phrased it so directly, has a heart-to-heart talk with his best friend on how he should console him. When about to leave, Nakatsu realizes from Kayashima’s words that he has already known that Ashiya is a girl, and Kayashima elaborates that he had known from the start from her aura. Kayashima gives a late ‘decent’ consolation to Nakatsu, and the 2 of them walks off together.
Back at the park, Sano shows up, apparently taking Yuujirou for a walk. He starts a one-sided conversation with Yuujirou, though his words are actually directed to the depressed Ashiya. After she has finally spoken, Sano and Ashiya head back to their dorm room.

The next day, Ashiya readies herself to face her class after what had happened the previous evening. True enough, almost everyone starts dissing her for lying to them, and those who remain silent refuse to look at Ashiya. The dissing continues until Nakao, in his only manly moment so far, shuts everyone up with his outburst, telling everyone to face the problem like men and not beating around the bush. With the class now silent, Ashiya apologizes to her classmates for lying to them, and explains that it was not intentional, and that she still treats everyone as her good friends and classmates. However, everyone remains cold towards her, not muttering a word, and Ashiya dashes out of the classroom crying. Sano, unable to bear seeing Ashiya like this, decides to explain her purpose for coming to this school to the entire class.

Ashiya, having escaped to the infirmary, is asked by Umeda about her follow-up actions on this incident. She replies that she has no idea, but is determined to face it no matter what. Umeda reminds her dearly that she is not alone.
Like what she has expected, news of her real identity spreads throughout the school, and Ashiya gets taunted by 3 students at the toilet, threatening to show her how to ‘relief’ like a guy. To her surprise, Sekime and 2 other classmates come to her rescue by scaring the bullys off. Standing in a row, they apologize to Ashiya, and Sekime tells her that they have learned everything from Sano back in the classroom. He also adds that he just cannot be mad at the only person who remembers his name.
The bullying from the other classes continues, however, Ashiya’s classmates are always standing up for her and giving her a helping hand, and soon the students of Class 2-C return to their usual, rowdy selves, and with Ashiya still being a part of the class.

At the night, Ashiya tells Sano of her decision to quit school. Seeing his disappointed look, she cheers him up, saying that it has been great for her so far to meet everyone, and to have come to this school. But most importantly for Ashiya, she is able to meet Sano and even see him jump. With his spirits lifted a little, Sano asks Ashiya whether she is returning with a smile, which she confirms. In return he thanks Ashiya for meeting him, and expresses his gratitude to her with a handshake. Ashiya accepts this manly gesture.
Ashiya hands her drop-out letter to Tsubaki, who expresses a slight helplessness to this. Ashiya goes on to apologize to the principal for her disguise and the problems she might have caused so far, but Tsubaki does not seem to mind and tells Ashiya that the most important thing is that she does not regret her time in Osaka Gakuen. Ashiya informs of her departure right afetr she is done packing, but Tsubaki encourages her to stay for the day for the school festival, and Ashiya is elated. Before she leaves, Tsubaki asks Ashiya of the school’s place in her heart, and she replies that ‘It is irreplacable’.
Returning to her classroom, Ashiya sees her classmates gathered in a circle, and Nakatsu asks her to join in. With everyone in Class 2-C present, Nakatsu motivates the class into doing their best for the festival and become the winner in the competition, for everyone in the winning class gets a notebook (laptop) each. Soon, everyone goes into ‘battle, and with a pat on the back by Sano, Ashiya goes to prepare for the festival too.

Off to Part II!


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