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A Bad Day Indeed…

I just have to post this while my feelings are still strong, and memories, fresh.

A bad start to my day: MRT stalling between Ang Mo Kio and Bishan. Not that I do not have the patience to wait, even though it was a 15 minutes wait. Just that I’m displeased with the train operator for trying to edge forward that little distance whenever he/she could, causing the train to jerk. A pregnant lady almost fell as a result (luckily, there are still kind souls around in Singapore to support her), and another lady almost rammed her face against the handle bar due to sudden braking.
Looks like SMRT is more concerned about money than the commuters.

After a whole day of work (*grin*) and my Japanese lesson later, I returned home with 2 news from my mum:

  • My grandma’s dog, aged 15 in human years (105 in dog years?), had passed away suddenly in the bathroom. He was already sick, but his passing was still sudden, since he was still fine before my uncle went to get lunch, yet lifeless when he returned.
    This, to my surprise, brought a tinge of sadness to me.
  • Secondly, the kid (then baby) my mum is looking after had tripped and fell in the bathroom (again?) back at his home. Apparently there was blood, and now my mum is with them at the hospital.
    My worry is now greater than my fury. Hope that there’s no repercussions from this accident.

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