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Blabbering of a Fool

Death Note – Legacy of Light (draft)

???? (since there is no measure of time), Shinigami Realm

An object flying through the air, creating a streak of red in contrast to the dull grey and brown background.
An apple.
A grotesque hand, as though wearing a hideous glove, catches the apple. The owner of the hand takes a bite out of the succulent fruit, making a crisp sound in the process.

“Ooohh!! Heheheh…juicy like it always was, yeah?”
A strangely proportioned figure a distance away speaks out. Words continue to leave his black lips:
“Brings back many memories to ya, yeah?”

“Ah, yes…indeed.”
“Our exhilarating adventure together…how you’d help me despite insisting that you were taking a neutral stand…”
“And the pain you had caused me…the pain called Death.” The voice becomes eeriely steel-like.

“Now, now, can’t blame me, can ya? I was just keeping my promise to you, in case if you had forgotten.”
“I had not, and still haven’t. Yet, I refuse to believe my time was up then.”
“Heheheh…you dunno for sure, don’t cha? Afterall, I was the only one who could see it. Besides, who told ya to ever depend on me? Heheheh…”
“Yes, my second, and last, error of judgement. Seemed like I grew a little too accustomed to you back then, Ryuk.”
“Who cares now? Now that things are like before for the two of us…except ya are the one now who’s enjoying the apple. Heheheh…”
“Not quite. You may be the same Ryuk from 4 years ago, but for me, Yagami Light, I’m no longer human. Look at these hands of mine. The works of a devil.”
“Hmmm…seems like you’ve become pettier. It’s unlike ya to whine about such trivial details.” At this point, Ryuk himself has started munching on a apple.

“Hahaha…perhaps so. Well, like you said, it doesn’t matter. I have a much bigger task awaiting. My hopes and desires have been resurrected together with my rebirth. I shall achieve what I had failed to do 4 years ago.”
“I will become the god of a new world.”

Pale light projects on his handsome face as Yagami Light steps out from the shadows of the dust clouds, his lips curved into a thin smile. His body is as tall and slender as it was before its decomposition, except for his hands, which are now grey and dead-looking. The bitten apple is still clutched in one of them.

“Ryuk, work with me…towards building an utopia.”


OK, now’s the cue for criticisms and ridicules.
Or if you are so kind enough, advice and suggestions are welcomed too. 🙂
(I expect more of the former though.)


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