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Hanazakari no Kimitachi e Episode 10

By the end of last episode, with the help of the Sakura Committee, Kitahama finally believed Nakatsu to be innocent in the ‘cheating’ incident, and thus able to continue with his soccer club training. Before leaving the school, Kitahama was taught a lesson by Sano and the students of Osaka Gakuen that not every individual is the same, and that although the incident of his brother’s death due to delinquency was sad, he shouldn’t treat everyone like his brother, forcing everyone to follow his orders. Having realized all these, Kitahama finally left. While cheering Ashiya for their class’ performance in the Mid-Term celebration, Sano called her ‘Mizuki’ for the first time, to her amazement.
Meanwhile, Kagurazaka asked Sano to join in his school’s training camp, which many national athletes will be taking part, including Sano’s brother. And in Room 205, while Ashiya was having a shower, Nakatsu, who visited to borrow shampoo (again), used his ruler trick to open the bathroom door again, and to his shock, he finally realizes that Ashiya is a girl!

Having discovered Ashiya’s secret, Nakatsu is still unable to recover from the shock of it and goes into one of his regular bouts of ‘madness’, scribbling the word ‘女‘ (female) on the rolls of toilet paper, to the extent of expelling steam from his body and faint as a result, only to be rescued by Akashi of Dorm 1. At the cafeteria, several of both Osaka Gakuen and St. Blossom students are practicing for the Edward J. Harrison Cup Dance, a traditional annual event of Osaka Gakuen. 8 couples are chosen by a computer from a database, and many students are clearly displeased, including Nakao and Sekime. According to Sawatari on a ‘prerecorded’ tape, the selected students are to dance with their assigned partners so as to ‘enhance their taste and improve social contact’. Apparently the couple of Oscar and Hibari isn’t going too well, with her keeping a tight rein over Oscar’s performance. Just then, Akashi comes rushing in, announcing that Nakatsu had collapsed. Everyone goes to Nakatsu, who is on a stretcher, and he soon comes to, but he suffers a short seizure and faints once again after seeing Ashiya right in front of him. Dorm 1 tenants carry Nakatsu off to his own dorm room.

Finally waking up with a ‘Mi!’, Nakatsu reconfirms in his thoughts that Ashiya has been a girl all along, and regrets having placed his hands on her chest on her first day of school. Kayashima, who is also in the room, inquires about Nakatsu’s troubles, and though he does not get a definite reply, he gives an advice to him of ‘looking at things at a 180-degrees perspective, and the world would be coming up roses’, leaving Nakatsu pondering. In the evening, the practice and preparations for the Cup Dance is still continuing. Sano, returning from school, arrives at the cafeteria and volunteers to help out, to everyone’s amazement. Sano asks Ashiya to pass him the hammer near her, but wishing for him to call her ‘Mizuki’ again, Ashiya ignores his requests while praying hard. After hearing him call her ‘Ashiya’ despite many ‘tries’, she forcefully pounds the hammer on his hand. Sano gives a small cry of pain and Ashiya rushes to him, holding his hand delicately. The two of them share a conversation like a dating couple, while the rest look on at the ‘forbidden’ pair-up.

The next day, Sano is on his way to Toukyou Gakuin for the training camp Kagurazaka had asked him to join, while Ashiya is walking with him, taking Yuujirou for a walk. Ashiya accidentally lets slip about her knowing about Sano’s training camp. Just then, a bus ferrying the athletes attending the camp stops in front of them, and though Sano has already known that his brother Shin to show up, he did not expect to see his father, Sano Takehiko, to be there as well. Ashiya sees Sano’s face change into one of anger.

Back at Osaka Gakuen’s cafeteria, Hibari and the Hibari 4 announce that everyone except them from St. Blossom are in hospital due to food poisoning, leaving only the 5 of them to be available for the Cup Dance. Instead of canceling the event, Sawatari suggests 3 of Osaka Gakuen’s own students to cross-dress and replace the missing 3 female dancers. Nakao volunteers to be Nanba’s partner, Daikokucho and Kitahanada pair up to fight against Tennouji, and Sawatari selects Ashiya himself to be the partner for Nakatsu. On his way to the cafeteria, Nakatsu continues to fret over Ashiya’s hidden identity until he sees the cross-dressed Ashiya. With his ‘Super Nakatsu Vision’, Nakatsu straightens his thoughts and decides that no matter whether she is a boy or a girl, Ashiya is still Ashiya. With him kneeling and asking for a dance from Ashiya, the practice and preparations for the Cup Dance is reseted.

At the locker room, Sano confronts Shin about their father showing up at the camp. Kagurazaka answers him instead, telling him that Takehiko is there to be their coach, and he’s also a promoter of this camp. Shin rudely takes his leave. Sano makes it clear to Kagurazaka that he will not listen to the orders of his father, but Kagurazaka replies that he will not be able to improve as a result. At the field, Takehiko finally sees Sano and calls out to him, but is ignored by him.

Kayashima and Komari practice their dance item (while having many spirits lying in ambush), and Komari sees Ashiya and Nakatsu doing the same. Kayashima, knowing that Komari still hasn’t gotten over Nakatsu, uses their practice to her troubles away. Nakatsu is clearly enjoying his practice session with Ashiya, giving the excuse of ‘skinship’ being important when she complains of him being too close. Their practice is interrupted when Ashiya runs to Sano, who has returned from his camp, to Nakatsu’s disappointment. While looking at Sano, Nakatsu wonders if he also knows of Ashiya true identity.

Back at their own dorm room, Ashiya and Sano have a chat about the training camp, like how Kagurazaka is one of the best athletes in the nation. Ashiya, though doubtful, asks Sano about his father, and Sano replies with a vague answer, since he did not take part in the practice that day. He tells Ashiya to forget about his father, since he himself don’t care much about him, and while asking ‘him’ to take a shower, Sano accidentally pats her chest. After a moment of shock, Ashiya runs off to the bathroom, exclaiming to herself that Sano had just touched her (breast), while Sano is left ‘repenting’ outside, commenting on how flat her chest is at the same time. Right after he has changed, Nakatsu comes visiting, wishing to ask Sano if he knew about Ashiya being a girl. However, like always, Nakatsu cannot express himself before Ashiya comes out from the shower. Due to the embarrassing moment just then, Sano amusingly heads for a shower again.

At the infirmary, Nakatsu tries to understand what will happen to Ashiya if her identity is revealed to all, by using an example of opposite factors (a girl school having a boy student inside). Umeda, clearly understanding what Nakatsu is trying to say, tells him that it will be a certain expulsion for that student, but as long as ‘his’ identity is kept hidden, ‘he’ will be able to stay with his schoolmates until graduation. Nakatsu runs off happily with this knowledge.

At the training camp, Sano performs poorly, compared to the other athletes. Even Shin has surpassed his level of performance. Kagurazaka poses a challenge to Sano by jumping a height of over 210cm, telling him to reach this level. At Osaka Gakuen, Nanba loudly expresses his disgust over pairing up with Nakao for the Dance Cup, and Yoshioka-sensei makes a sudden appearance in a form of a dance. He then asks if Nanba wishes to forfeit the Cup Dance, which he agrees immediately. A beautiful lady then appears this time, pushing a cart with something covered in a veil. Yoshioka then declares the grand prize for the Cup Dance: 3 gold bars! After having Nakatsu sharing his short fantasy of being rich, Nanba regains his interest in the Cup Dance and goes off to practice with Nakao. Meanwhile, Kayashima senses an evil aura from Sekime, who is doing up a fake ticket on his notebook.
With the Cup Dance nearing, the practices of the couples go into full throttle, especially with 3 gold bars as the grand prize. Oscar continues to get his ass kicked around by Hibari.

Training for the day has ended and everyone is dismissed. Before Sano is able to leave, Takehiko calls out to Sano, asking him about his poor performance so far in his high-jumping, and whether if he is still running away from him. Hearing this, Sano stops in his tracks, and he makes it clear to his father that he is running away not because of his training, but for his actions during and after his mother’s death. Takehiko is left dumbfounded. At the dormitory compound, Ashiya is practicing on her own when she sees Akiha taking pictures of her. Akiha then tells her the reason why Sano hates his father so much: His mother was sent to hospital due to an accident, but Takehiko did not visit her even once due to being tied down by his work at an important event. Sadly, when his father did arrived at the hospital, his mother had already passed away……

Nakatsu chances upon Ashiya…bathing!?!?

Akashi crying over a fallen Nakatsu

The pairing of the couples, as selected by a computer

The terror of Hibari drives Oscar up a pillar

The ever-wise Kayashima is always there to help a friend in need

The crowd watches on as Sano and Ashiya go ‘lovey-dovey’

A moment of anguish for Sano as he sights his father

The ‘surviving’ students of St. Blossom from food poisoning

“Shall we dance?”

Shin warns his brother not to run away like what he did 5 years ago

Sugimotto Tetta(杉本 哲太) as Sano Takehiko(佐野 岳彦

Nakatsu is clearly enjoying every moment of practice with Ashiya

Ashiya gets touched accidentally at her chest (breast) by Sano…!?

Nakatsu seeks advice from the reliable Umeda

A prize that is able to motivate anyone to do things against their will

Nanba and Nakatsu sharing a common fantasy world

Oscar continues to suffer under the ‘iron fist’ of Hibari

Ashiya learns of the past between Sano and his father from Akiha

Relationship between Sano and Ashiya seems to have taken another step forward

Snapshot of the episode!

Nakatsu embraces Ashiya and confesses his love to her!!!

Next episode: Nakatsu vies for Ashiya’s affection against Sano! The students of Osaka Gakuen cheer on as Sano takes center stage at the National Competition!


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