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Hanazakari no Kimitachi e 11

By the end of last episode, the couple of Ashiya and Nakatsu was declared the winner of the Cup Dance, and so the grand prize goes to them! The 3 gold bars…which are special Belgium-made chocolate! Meanwhile, after her dance, Ashiya notices Sano outside the dormitory with someone unexpected: his father Takehiko. She eavesdrops on Sano’s true emotions about his father not caring for his mother while on her deathbed, and not even shedding a tear for her even after her death, and just going to work as though nothing had happened. After Sano’s leave, Ashiya tried to learn more from Takehiko, and though she did not get much answers, she feels there’s more to Sano’s father than what Sano knows of. And indeed, before Takehiko’s departure, he had thought to himself that he had wept over his beloved’s death, just not in front of his sons.
Ashiya confronted Sano about his father back at the dorm room, but Sano, clearly in a foul mood, vented his frustrations on her, telling that she knew nothing of his feelings, and neither did he expected her to. Left to weep on her own in the room, Nakatsu chances upon this scene and all of a sudden, embraces Ashiya and confesses his love to her, to Ashiya’s surprise.

Despite knowing that the person Ashiya loves is Sano, Nakatsu promises her that he will not give her sadness like what Sano did throughout their time together. Meanwhile, Sano is alone near the school field, regretting his previous harsh words towards Ashiya.
After the incident in Room 205, Nakatsu is back at the cafeteria, having a slight sense of regret on what he had done. Kayashima drops in and tells Nakatsu that even without reading his aura, he is able to tell what Nakatsu is feeling and guess probably what he did. However, he tells his good friend that since he had already done what he has always wanted to, he should not regret on it. At the same time, Ashiya is once again left alone in the room, only this time feeling a sense of loss over what to do.

A carrier pigeon, even in this age, flies into the Principal Office, delivering a message from the Principal herself to Sawatari. Upon reading the message, he lets out an exclamation of delight, and he goes on to tell Yoshioka-sensei that Osaka Gakuen will be hosting the National Track & Field Rally this year. And after having announce this news to the students of the school, he wants them to put up an exciting performance at the opening ceremony, in order to promote their school and increase the number of new students enrolling into Osaka Gakuen. However, the students have no intention of doing so, finding it too troublesome, even to the extent of disobeying the Principal’s orders. Sawatari has no choice but to come up with a prize for the dormitory which is willing to perform at the ceremony: a trip to Hawaii for every tenant. Hearing this, everyone gets hyped up and volunteers his own dorm, but Sawatari then declares it will be a trip to Atami instead if everyone’s performing. As a result, the right to perform at the opening ceremony becomes another competition between the dorms.

At the training camp, Sano looks at his father while thinking back on Ashiya’s words the previous night. Kagurazaka asks about Sano and his father, and tells Sano that he will meddle into his affairs as long as he clears the jump. Takehiko looks on as Sano leaves, heaving a sigh, and just then, he holds his abdomen, as though in pain. Back at Osaka Gakuen’s infirmary, Ashiya pays Umeda a visit, while sharing her troubles with him. Ashiya starts to suspect whether Nakatsu knows of her identity as a girl, but Umeda assures her that he is not one to worry about over this matter. Umeda has expected Nakatsu to confess to Ashiya, and tells her that she needs to give an answer to him. He then reminds her of another trouble: Sano. He advises Ashiya to see him practice since she minds him so much.

On her way to Toukyou Gakuin, she sees an ambulance at the entrance, and watches on as a suffering Takehiko is carried into the ambulance. She rushes back to her dorm room and seeing Sano, tells him of his father being hospitalized. Despite expressing no concern over his father, Ashiya knows that he is truly worried from the inside-out shirt he has worn, but runs off saying that she will visit Takehiko in Sano’s place if he really has no intention of going.
Sano eventually makes his way to the hospital in a rush, but is surprised to see Ashiya at the school entrance with a cab. She pushes him into the cab, sending him off to the hospital on his own.

Sano arrives at the hospital to see Shin waiting outside the ward room, and learns from him that their father’s condition has stabilized. Shin continues to explain that their father is suffering from duodenitis, or the inflammation of the duodenum, and that there was a relapse a previous time, but Takehiko had prohibited Shin from telling Sano. Shin leaves, and Sano proceeds into the ward room. Upon his entrance, Takehiko wakes up, and the father and son face each other awkwardly. Takehiko goes on to apologize to Sano for not being there for his mother, and doing his duty well as a husband. Sano, having heard this, describes to his father the final moments of his wife, about how she had a face of happiness while calling out to her husband. And although he couldn’t understand why his mother acted in such a way, Sano tells his father that he can somehow understand now, and the hatred of Sano towards his father has silently faded away.
Exiting the room, he sees Shin again, and he leaves the care of their father to his charge.

At the cafeteria, Ashiya and Nakatsu have an uneasy meeting, due to the events from the previous night. Nakatsu, breaking the ice, tells Ashiya about the competition for the right to perform at the opening ceremony. He also makes a ambiguous declaration of him not losing to her, leaving Ashiya thinking about it while giving her a pat on the head. At the school field, Naaktsu meets up with Sano, and he finally asks whether Sano knows of Ashiya’s identity as a girl too. From Sano’s silence, Nakatsu confirms his doubts and declares Sano to be a love rival to himself, and that he will not give Ashiya up.
Back at Room 205, Ashiya is lazing around, but tenses up when Sano, also tensing up, enters the room. Both of them apologize to each other for what happened the previous night, and then making the same comment later at the same time, causing both of them to break into short laughter. Sano goes on to talk about his father to Ashiya, and thank her for bringing him back to his senses about his father. Later in the night, Sano stares into Ashiya’s side of the room, and promises to himself that he will not give her up too.

The next day, the showdown between the dorms starts in the form of contests of 90 different categories. While the dorm heads fight among themselves over who’s going to win the showdown, Nakatsu and Sano see this as a showdown between the 2 of them. The absurd contests include: Rope-jumping, breath holding, sit-ups, unrolling toilet paper, understanding Ganguro talk (which only Sano is amazingly able to understand), and making fire primitively using only wood. During break time, Dorm 2 tenants have their lunch together, and Nakatsu and Sano have their backs facing each other even during this time. Nanba comments on how rare it is for Sano to be participating in school activities, and Nakao adds on that it does not seem like a showdown between the dorms, since Nakatsu and Sano emerge victorious on so many contests. The rest continue to ponder over the reason for the pair’s enthusiasm.

At the infirmary, Akiha drops in on Umeda to his disgust, notifying him about the showdown for the performance rights at the opening ceremony between the dorms. She also informs Umeda about a showdown between Sano and Nakatsu, which he finds nothing interesting, and Akiha is dragged away with the chair before she is able to extract more information from Umeda.
Second half of the showdown begins, and the contests include: Log-cutting, sneezing, mustard cream pastry Russian Roulette, Daruma-san, balloon-breaking, and push-ups. Finally, the showdown ends, and each dorm achieves a result of 30 victories each, meaning a draw. after a short disagreement, the dorm heads come to a conclusion of performing together on the opening ceremony and going Atami together with everyone else, marking a first voluntary collaboration of the 3 dormitories.

Now that the event is over, Sano makes his way to his own training when he meets Nakatsu at the corridors. Nakatsu asks Sano why he still participates in the full-day event when he has the National Track & Field Rally the next day, and Sano replies that he merely does not wish to run away anymore, especially from himself. Nakatsu then realizes and lets Sano know that he is not giving Ashiya up because Sano is his opponent.
Returning back to his room, Sano is greeted warmly by Ashiya, who has been reading on massage of the leg muscles. She knocks over one of her boxes though while doing so, and while clearing up, Sano picks up her passport without looking inside, and Ashiya hurriedly keeps it in her wallet. She then asks Sano to lie down on his bed so as to let her massage his legs for the rally the next day. Sano tells Ashiya that he likes himself now than the ‘him’ back before Ashiya arrived in Osaka Gakuen, and ask Ashiya if ‘he’ knows of the significance of himself jumping for ‘him’. However, Ashiya is unable to get what Sano is trying to say, since she still thinks Sano is oblivious to her identity, and before she can get any answers, Sano has fallen asleep.

The big day for Sano finally arrives, and the rally kicks off with a cheer leading performance from the Osaka Gakuen students……

A confession to Ashiya, despite knowing she has someone else in mind

At a loss over the sudden turn of events

Sawatari thrilled over the news of Osaka Gakuen hosting the National Rally

The only confidant Ashiya has in school pokes fun of her

Takehiko is taken to hospital due to duodenitis

A worried Sano with an inside-out shirt and an unconcerned front

Sano asks Shin about her father’s condition…

…and finally patches up the relationship with his father

Things become awkward for Ashiya and Nakatsu

Then: Classmates; Now: Love Rivals!

Synchronized apologies

Sano and Nakatsu at the breath-holding contest

Sano sneak attacks Nakatsu with a smothering flint

Their rivalry continues even at break time

A victorious Nakatsu at the sneezing contest

The stress proves too much for Sano as he turns into an Oni…?

United they rise, together they fall

Ashiya providing massage service for Sano as a preparation for the rally

Osaka Gakuen cheerleaders

Snapshot of the episode!

A jubilant Sano with his victory “Baby!” pose

Next episode: Final! Ashiya’s secret identity is revealed to all! Will she be expelled from the Osaka Gakuen that she loves so dearly?


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