Words of MavericK

Blabbering of a Fool

The End of (the) March

Been on a ‘lyrical craze’, as those who visit and read this blog of mine will know…:)
Well, at least I’m done with the ‘Double-Action’ songs…for now, until when Climax form comes.

As for this title…the ‘(the)’ is added just because it looks cool…to me at least.
Bearing not even the least of meaning.
End of March, that’s a different story. This means I’m getting my pay soon!!!

Been rather thrifty with my finances…but working in the town area = expensive food. 😦
Well, another addition to my toys:

Revoltech Series No. 32
Evangelion Test-Type 01 “New Movie Edition”

Well, this is the pose that I wanted it to be in…there are a lot of other ‘cooler’ poses that can be done (the figure is really quite poseable), but I feel that going berserk is the trademark of Test-Type 01.
So yeah.

I yearn for a ‘Double-Action’ of my own. (No dirty thinking please.) 🙂


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