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Kamen Rider Kiva Episode 07

Song Of Praise: A Three-Star Full Course In Darkness

The year 2008.
Megumi has been discharged from her hospital ward earlier than what the doctors had expected, and Wataru and Shizuka have arrived to congratulate her. Soon after, Nago shows up with a bouquet of roses, and while putting the flowers into the vase (despite Megumi having been discharged from the ward), he haughtily comments that it is too early for Megumi to leave the hospital. The skeptical Megumi, thinking that Nago just wants her out of his way, removes the roses and shoves them back to him, hell-bent on leaving the hospital. Like always, the duo ends up bickering, with Wataru in the middle, picking up the rose petals resulted from the mishandling, and having an idea popped into his mind.

The year 1986.
A count, by the name of Inukai(犬飼伯爵), is by his dying butler, who is on his deathbed. During the conversation, both are revealed to be Fangires, and that the butler has served Inukai for 300 years. Drawing his last Fangire breath, the butler collapses into a heap of colored glass shards. Now, having lost 5 butlers, Inukai speaks of the agony of partings, and comes up with the decision of reviving his former butlers.

In Café mald’amour, Yuri offers a cup of coffee to Jirou, in appreciation of him rescuing her from the Spider Fangire. She however becomes suspicious of him when Jirou refuses to let Yuri know of his purpose for saving her. Just then, Shima arrives and Kido, getting his hint, declares to his customers that the café will be closed for one and half hours.

Shima has called for Nago and Megumi at Café mald’amour regarding a new assignment: Customers of a 5-star restaurant named Maison Cercueil have been disappearing, and Shima wants Nago and Megumi to further investigate on the matter, believing it to be the act of a Fangire.

Shima informs Yuri and Kido about Café mald’amour customers disappearing mysteriously, and wishes for Yuri to investigate. Having been through the previous ordeal however, Yuri is doubtful that she can carry out the mission alone, and asks for more members for the Aozora Organization for efficiency. Coincidentally, Otoya appears at the café, offering himself to be part of the organization. Shima, learning from Yuri that her saviour was Jirou, does not acknowledge Otoya, but gives him another chance to prove himself worthy to join the Aozora Organization.

Inspired by the incident at the hospital, Wataru now collects flower petals, intending to use the liquids as varnish for his violin. Handing a centipede (on a tweezer) to a shrieking Shizuka, he answers a call from Megumi, who asks him to go on a date with her. Shizuka, regaining her composure and tossing the centipede away, tries to lecture the now-smitten Wataru, but is interrupted by Nago. Nago comments on Wataru’s growth, and after confirming his trust in himself, assigns Wataru another task, while showing him a picture of Maison Cercueil in a magazine.
Shizuka is left sulking on her own.

As Jirou makes his way out of Café mald’amour, 2 figures follow his trail: Yuri and Otoya. Under Shima’s instructions, the pair is now guarding Jirou, a customer of the café, so as to react to possible attacks from Fangires, since they do not know of Jirou’s true identity. However, Yuri lost him when Otoya goofs around, trying to impress her instead of following someone he clearly dislikes.

Megumi is waiting patiently for Wataru to show up, but is surprised to see Nago in his place. Nago affirms to Megumi that they are merely on an investigation, and not a date.
Like what Megumi had mentioned before, Maison Cercueil only accepts 2 groups/couples into its premises. While the other couple is dining, the head chef shows up, who is none other than Count Inukai himself. He goes on to promise Nago and Megumi a special meal that will be their greatest pleasure. Soon the dishes arrive, and Megumi shocks Nago with her devouring of the food. During her dining, Megumi realizes Wataru is working as a waiter at the restaurant under Nago’s orders, and the pair once again quarrels, to Wataru’s dismay, due to a clash of opinions. Because of the racket and mess they have caused, both of them are asked to leave the restaurant by Inukai, leaving Wataru to clear the mess.

Having knocked off from work, Wataru finds Megumi hiding outside the restaurant. After a short disagreement between them about Nago, Megumi goes on to find out more about the restaurant from Wataru. However, reporting back to Nago, it is then known that Wataru has found nothing unusual about Maison Cercueil. Nago, seeing Wataru’s depressed look, guesses his internal conflict between trusting Megumi and trusting him, and reassures Wataru to trust only him. Wataru asks Nago about his intention to kill Kiva, and voices his own contrasting opinion of Kiva being humanity’s enemy, but Nago refuses to listen and once again orders Wataru to listen to him.
Back home at the bath, Wataru ponders over the reasons why people attack one another, leaving Kivat in wonder too.

Shima decides to employ the help of Jirou by asking to be bait for the assailant who has been targeting the customers of Café mald’amour. He also asks Jirou to join his Aozora Organization to help fight the Fangires together, with Yuri offering herself to be his partner, but Jirou declares to both of them that he will work alone to apprehend the culprit.

In the kitchen of Maison Cercueil, Inukai is preparing some sort of grotesque dish alone when Wataru suddenly disturbs him, notifying him of the completion of the cleaning up of the restaurant. When Wataru tries to enter the kitchen, Inukai shouts for him to stop, telling him that he may take his leave right away, which the frightened Wataru does so.

Outside, Megumi is tailing the couple which had dined with her and Nago back at Maison Cercueil, hoping to get some leads on the attacks. Meanwhile, Wataru is playing the violin restlessly, for his mind is still pondering on how the relationship between Nago and Megumi can improve.
Back to the couple, Inukai, now resuming his identity as a count, approaches them and soon attacks as the Prawn Fangire, sapping the life force of the man and storing it as a ball of energy. His initial attempt to attack the remaining woman is interrupted by Megumi, but he still manages to get the life force of the woman after knocking Megumi out (as usual). Almost immediately, Wataru, hearing the Bloody Rose again, shows up and transforms into Kiva.

Despite his initial barrage of attacks on the Prawn Fangire, Kiva still gets beaten around by the Fangire, and he decides to summon forth Garulu to assume Garulu Form. With the increase in speed and attack ferocity, Kiva manages to pound the Prawn Fangire into a corner, but before he can deal the finishing blow to him, Nago arrives and shouts out to Kiva. Seeing the distraction, the Prawn Fangire escapes and Kiva tries to follow, but Nago runs to him and attacks, and Kiva has no choice but to retreat for now and hide from Nago, to the bewilderment of Kivat.

Escaping to the cellar of his restaurant, Inukai swears again to the 5 coffins present that he will definitely revive all of them.

Jirou follows a customer of Café mald’amour by scent to a tunnel, where he tells the man that a person gives off a good scent after drinking good coffee. Shockingly, his blood lust kicks in, and transforming into Garulu, he attacks and feeds on the man, thus proving that he has been the one behind the disappearances of Café mald’amour’s customers.

Count Inukai(犬飼伯爵), a Fangire who vows to revive all 5 of his Fangire servants

You can always count on Wataru to find ‘interesting’ things to use as experiment

A smitten Wataru upon hearing that he will be going on a date with Megumi

Otoya manages to bring a smile to Yuri with his goofy antics, despite being on a mission

There is just no end to Nago’s and Megumi’s arguments

Jirou is offered a place in Shima’s Wonderful Aozora Organization

Wataru barges in while Inukai, now as a head chef, is preparing a ‘special’ dish

Prawn Fangire

Nago gets to meet Kiva once again

Jirou, as Garulu, feeding on a customer of Café mald’amour


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