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恋空 (Koizora)


田原 美嘉 (Tahara Mika) reminiscences about her first love 7 years ago, which had brought pain and sadness she had never known back then. However, the memories she holds most dear to about the relationship was the happiness that the two of them had spent together…
Mika of 7 years ago, an innocent and pretty teenager who knew nothing about love and relationships. Unbeknownst to her, love had already silently sneaked into her life, in the form of 桜井 弘樹 (Sakurai Hiro), whose defiant appearance hid a passionate within. During the course of their relationship, they’d been through many ups and downs, but their feelings remained to each other, with Hiro wishing to become the sky so that he would be able to know where Mika would be immediately anytime, anywhere so that he could protect her always.
All good things do not come to last however, when Hiro suddenly pushed Mika away and even initiated a breakup. Mika had no choice but to be strong enough to live on by herself, now that she had lost someone who was willing to share his strength……

Even though this movie did not touch me as much as ‘1 Rittoru no Namida’ did, it is nevertheless a good watch. Definitely worth the money. Aragaki Yui’s (matter-of-fact) beauty aside, the performance from the cast is decent. Throughout the movie, one will slowly notice how Mika became stronger in her life, despite her delicate appearance, while Hiro became more true to his own emotions as the flame of his life slowly diminishes, despite his brash look.
Story-wise, Mika is indeed the protagonist, however, Hiro made more of an impression to me. I don’t think I’ve ever seen any character who is as true and faithful to not just his partner, but his family as well, as him. Even right up to the end, he was still wishing for Mika’s happiness and not her sorrows. Hiro’s life truly revolves around Mika.
But hey, let’s not forget Yuu. He also had Mika’s happiness as his priority, allowing her to return to Hiro despite being shattered in the heart himself. Really touched by the scene where he threw away the ring he had given Mika, and then cried alone in the cold, harsh snow.

Overall rating: 4.5/5. Half a point deducted for a handful of seemingly impossible scenes. 😛


2 responses to “恋空 (Koizora)

  1. MavericK Monday, March 3, 2008 at 1441

    Hi stephanie.

    This I’m not really sure. As far as I know…yup, have only read about Asian countries screening this movie.
    In fact, I’m quite surprised that Singapore has decided to screen this movie at all…and as expected, this movie is only exclusive to Cathay (locally).

    You are from? 🙂

  2. stephanie Monday, March 3, 2008 at 203

    will it be screening only in asian countries??

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