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松本 若菜 (Matsumoto Wakana)

Just checked the stats for my blog.

50 hits for my (crappy) write-up for Kamen Rider Den-O Episode 2. (Come to think of it, I haven’t continue writing them… 😛 )

Realised the reason for it: 松本 若菜 (Matsumoto Wakana), the actress who plays Nogami Airi, the ditzy sister of the protagonist in Den-O.
Looks like her popularity is going up, uP, and UP!

Well, there’s a link here on the right sidebar to her blog. 🙂
And for those who wish to see her photos, here are some, though almost all were taken from Den-O episodes:

A stern Matsumoto Wakana

A ditzy Matsumoto Wakana

And Matsumoto Wakana with a smile that shines though the darkness

The cover for her photobook.
I prefer the demure look though. 🙂

Edit: Amazingly, this post continues to be one of the most read posts…and choosing not to disappoint with these same old photos, here are some more…most or all are from Matsumoto-san’s own blog though. 😛

Matsumoto-san with neko-chan (I came up with this myself 😛 ).
She’s still looking good without much makeup! 😀

Fans of Kamen Rider Den-O would recognize this picture.
Man on the left: カイ (Kai), portrayed by 石黒 英雄 (Ishiguro Hideo).

The Royal Highness, Matsumoto Wakana

I like this picture very much. Better than those of her in bikinis.

A very candid shot of her.
A funny face there. 🙂

Another shot taken from a very weird angle: her right side.
Enjoying her bento? Great smile there. 🙂


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