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Kamen Rider Kiva Episode 06

Replay: Humans Are All Music

The year 2008.
Nago finally has Kiva right before his eyes, and wanting to fulfill his much-desired wish of destroying him, Nago reaches inside his blazer for something, while mentioning the word ‘Henshin’. However, both Kiva and Nago are distracted by the scream from Megumi, who has been kidnapped by Kuramae, or the Sheep Fangire. Nago quickly turns back to face Kiva and resume their face-off, but Kiva has disappeared without a trace.
Nago tries to track down the whereabouts of Megumi, and he sees Megumi’s darts on the ground. He then sees Wataru standing behind him and asks whether he had seen anything, especially Kiva. Wataru honestly points to himself, indicating that he is Kiva himself, but Nago thinks it is a bad joke from him and sternly tells Wataru to return home.

The year 1986.
Otoya receives a request to save Yuri from Shima at Café mald’amour. Shima goes on to explain to Otoya the relationship between him and Yuri, and the organization of Fangire Hunters, which the name is learned to be the Subarashiki Aozora no Kai(素晴らしき 青空の会)/Wonderful Aozora Organization. Otoya then makes a deal with Shima, stating that he would be allowed to join the Aozora Organization if he manages to save Yuri, though the reason he gives Shima is to be near women. Shima agrees to his terms.
During this conversation, Jirou is at the doorway outside, listening to their every word.

Yuri wakes up to find herself in a clown house, with her hands and feet tied. She also finds photos of herself all over the place. A voice calls out to her, telling her how he had wished for this moment. She sees the man but does not recognize him immediately, and eventually realizes that she has been kidnapped by Itoya Ryou, or the Spider Fangire, which had escaped from her at the church during the funeral procession. The psychotic Itoya then continues to tell her about how he has been wanting to meet her ever since their last encounter.

At the same clown house Yuri was held captive at, Megumi finds herself tied at her hands and feet, and tries to struggle herself free, but can only unintentionally unveil a board full of her mother’s photos. While pondering over this strange incident, Kuramae appears before her, before Itoya shoves him aside, making his own appearance. The same psychotic Itoya calls Megumi ‘Yuri’, telling her how she, like her mother, has the same beauty and harsh temperament. Kuramae, attracted to Megumi himself, tries to touch Megumi, but is once again thrown aside by Itoya, who suggests doing a manicure for Megumi.

Otoya returns to the scene of the incident, but is unable to find any clues that can bring him to Yuri. He hears footsteps, and sees Jirou stepping out behind a pillar, sniffing the air in the surroundings. He orders Otoya to follow him.

Wataru returns to where Megumi had been kidnapped, but like his father had done so before, he is unable to find any trace of evidence that can lead him to Megumi. Just when he is able to give up searching, Wataru hears someone calling him from behind, and is surprised to see Kuramae.

Jirou brings Otoya to an abandoned amusement park, telling him that Yuri is inside, as led by his nose. When asked why he is helping, Jirou comments that even though he sees Otoya as a shallow person, he cannot hate a man who is willing to risk his life for the woman he loves. The pair then go their separate ways, with Otoya entering the lion’s den.
Inside the clown house, Itoya is doing pedicure for Yuri. He reveals his plans to make Yuri his bride, but not before he makes her beautiful for the occasion. Yuri is then surprised to see Otoya appearing behind Itoya, trying to get a surprise on him.

Itoya is doing pedicure for Megumi, just like what he had done so 22 years ago to Yuri. Similarly, he tells Megumi of his plans to make her his beautiful bride. His ecstasy from the thought is interrupted by an unfamiliar voice, and Itoya finds himself looking at Wataru, who unlike his father, decided to adopt a peaceful method to rescue Megumi. He offers himself as exchange for Megumi, but is violently refused by Itoya. Itoya realizes that Kuramae, who declares to him that Megumi belongs to himself, had betrayed him and turns into his Fangire form, scaring Kuramae away.

Back at Café mald’amour, Kido sees a troubled Jirou and asks for the reason. Jirou then asks Kido that there should be a pretty waitress working at a café that serves perfect coffee, which Kido apparently agrees, and he seems to have come to some sort of decision.
Itoya, wearing clown makeup this time, continues on his makeover on Yuri, and soon leaves to retrieve a dress he has prepared for Yuri. Otoya, whose rescue mission has failed and is now tied as well at his hands and feet, lets out a sigh, and Yuri tells him not to give up so easily. She points out her necklace, which can be used to cut the ropes binding their limbs, and Otoya happily bites it out from her. While cutting the ropes, Yuri asks about Otoya’s unwavering affection for her. He explains that every human gives off a music of their own, and he is particularly attracted with the music given off from Yuri. These words make Yuri change her impression of Otoya slightly, as she gives a short shy smile. Itoya returns with the dress before the pair are able to free themselves, and Yuri throws the necklace away to avoid suspicion. Itoya announces that the wedding ceremony can begin soon.

Like what happened to their parents 22 years ago, Wataru is now held captive together with Megumi. He constantly apologizes to her for not being able to do anything, and like her mother, Megumi urges Wataru not to give up that easily. She finds the necklace Yuri had thrown away years ago and recognizes it to be her mother’s, and the pair use it to try and cut themselves free. Wataru asks Megumi about her source of strength, and she recalls on a saying from her mother about how every human gives off a music of their own, just like what Otoya had told Yuri, and how she had promised to protect not just her own, but everyone’s music. The pair enjoy a brief moment of nostalgia before Itoya returns with the dress he has prepared for Megumi. However, things do not go as how he had planned, as Kuramae, in his Fangire form, attacks Itoya, causing him to run away. Kuramae then claims Megumi to be his own bride.

Itoya proceeds with his wedding ceremony with an unconscious Yuri and tries to kiss her, but she awakens in time and refuses. A frustrated Itoya is then interrupted by Otoya, who has freed himself and is now trying to rescue Yuri. However, without a decent weapon, Otoya is no match for the Spider Fangire and is knocked unconscious. Yet, the wedding ceremony is now interrupted by another person: Jirou, who challenges the Fangire to a duel. Outside, Jirou is unable to hold off against the attacks from the Spider Fangire, and he turns into his Fangire form, Garulu of the Wolfen Clan(ウルフェン族), for an extra edge. True enough, the violent and feral attacks from Garulu prove too much for the Spider Fangire to handle, and suffering from physical injuries, the Spider Fangire is barely able to escape again.

Kuramae holds a ‘wedding ceremony’ of his own with an unconscious Megumi, while Wataru finally cuts himself free witht he necklace Megumi had placed in his hands. Wataru, having heard about everyone having a music of their own, tries to ‘hear’ Megumi’s and manages to find it. Kuramae is about to bite Megumi and consume her soul when Wataru interferes, turning into Kiva. Kiva attacks and leads Kuramae away from Megumi, but Kuramae turns into his Fangire form to resume his fight with Kiva. Megumi regains consciousness and is surprised to see Kiva again, while Kiva’s and the Sheep Fangire’s fight brings them outside. Like before, the Sheep Fangire is too fast for Kiva to handle, receives a thrashing from the Fangire and his shotgun.
Castle Doran is suddenly summoned, and the 3 support monsters, in their human guises, are seen, Jirou being one of them. The youngest of the 3 asks about the duration of their captivity, and upon hearing the whistle from the Basshaa Fuestle, turns into the Basshaa Magnum (バッシャーマグナム) statuette and is summoned to Kiva, who now assumes Basshaa Form.
With the Basshaa Magnum, Kiva is now able to attack from far-range, but is still unable to hit the Sheep Fangire with such calm attacks. Kiva then prepares and performs his finishing move in this form, Basshaa Aqua Tornado, which is a high-pressured, homing water bullet, and this render the Sheep Fangire in a petrified state. Upon Kiva’s touch, the Fangire shatters, turning into another meal for Castle Doran.

Wataru plays the violin for the hospitalized Megumi in her wardroom, and is able to perform well, gaining respect from Megumi at the same time. Shizuka tells her that she is the second person whom Wataru has ever played so well in front of, and Wataru credits this to being able to hear Megumi’s music.

Jirou is loitering along the streets when his blood lust kicks in, his eyes red and pupils, glowing yellow.

Jirou, unwilling to leave a man sacrificing himself for love in the lurch, helps Otoya out

Itoya Ryou(糸矢 僚), portrayed by Souto(創斗

Jirou’s true form, Garulu, of the Wolfen Clan(ウルフェン族

Basshaa(バッシャー), in his human guise, as a young boy

Kiva Basshaa Form(バッシャーフォーム

Water surrounds Kiva in a half-moonlit night…

…Kiva summons a water tornado around himself with the Basshaa Magnum…

…charges a homing shot of water…

Basshaa Aqua Tornado

Jirou starting to have blood lust

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