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Blabbering of a Fool

An Interesting Afternoon, despite the Rain

I had an interesting afternoon today.
I met the MAN:


Haha…it was very funny. I think I was the only adult to ask for a few shots of him. All others were kids dishing out their camera handphones (or at least, their parents’), while I’m the only one with a proper digital camera (hey, this was at Toys’R’Us, Paragon…near my workplace…so why not? 🙂 ).
Indeed, the gear he’s donning are all toys (which are available in the store)…just look at the Rekka (drumstick) in his hand…it’s the size of a chicken drumstick. But it is understandable. What stinks is that the suit wearer obviously knows nothing about Hibiki…I had to even instruct him on how to do the trademark salute (as above). (OK, I’m mad… 😛 )

Visited MUJI at Paragon today too…didn’t know they sell apparel too….they caught my eye for its simplicity. For me, most things goes like this: Simple=I like.
Sadly, the price is not simple. Didn’t expect it to be that high. Isn’t it supposed to be ‘muji’ (brandless)? Haha… 😛
Guess I’ll take a better look when I get my first pay…should start learning how to buy clothes now…hmmm…


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