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Blabbering of a Fool

Kamen Rider Kiva Episode 05

Duet: Stalker Panic

The year 2008.
Wataru approaches his neighbors, hoping to tell them something, but he is instead overwhelmed by them, who calls Wataru ‘Obaketarou’ endlessly. Shizuka literally jumps to Wataru’s aid, and announces to everyone that in his effort to change, Wataru is inviting everyone to a mini violin concert held by him at his house.

Wataru’s big day has come, and both Shizuka and him are all dressed up for the occasion. Many of his neighbours turn up for a pleasant surprise as promised, but they are instead turned off by a nervous Wataru’s shrieking performance. Shizuka consoles a disheartened Wataru, telling him to take one step at a time, and Wataru immediately paints a beautiful picture of Nago in his head.

A Fangire, in his human guise, is tailing Megumi, and is about to attack her when Nago steps up from behind, confronting him without knowing his Fangire identity. The stalker runs away in fear. However, this results in Megumi noticing only Nago and she accuses him of being stalker. Nago defends himself by saying that he’s merely protecting Megumi as her bodyguard. Knowing Nago, Megumi does not believe him, and Nago finally confesses to following Megumi so as to obtain leads on Kiva, after seeing how Kiva had saved Megumi time and time again. After having another amusing bickering, Megumi warns Nago of a possible law suit from her if he follows her again.

The year 1986.
At the very same place where Megumi would find Nago following her, Yuri is trying to make a call at a public phone booth, but does not have any spare change with her. A kind soul pops a coin into the slot, but Yuri is dreadful to see Otoya. Otoya again plays the fool, trying to impress Yuri with his weird antics again, but all he gets in return is another snubbing from Yuri.

At Café mald’mour Wataru asks Nago to take him as his student. After a short session of Wataru praising Nago way up to the sky, Nago finally agrees, and assigns the excited Wataru his first case.

Otoya visits Café mald’mour for the first time, and to the surprise of Yuri. Otoya makes his advances on Yuri again, but this time another customer, a man by the name of Jirou(次狼), and is in fact Garulu, the one residing in Castle Doran in the present day, intervenes and throws Otoya out of the café. With the café back to its peaceful state, Jirou comments on the coffee there being too expensive, and tells Kido about his habit of not paying for substandard coffee, and how he has not paid a single cent to this day. Kido accepts this challenge-of-sorts and brews a cup for Jirou. Jirou, after sniffing the aroma of the coffee with his keen sense of smell, gulps it down and slams a 10,000 Yen note on the counter, telling Kido to ‘keep the change’ while giving him a brief smile.

Wataru’s first assignment: to follow Megumi in Nago’s place. During his observation of Megumi with binoculars, Wataru finds another person, Kuramae Noboru(倉前 昇), doing the same thing as himself. Kuramae tells Wataru that he has been sent by Nago too, after hearing Wataru’s self-introduction. Amusingly, the duo then starts working together in their mission of following Megumi.

Yuri is at the pool relaxing when she feels a presence around her, and she suspects Otoya.

Megumi is in the midst of a photo shoot, and taking this chance, Kuramae tells Wataru that they need to get their hands on her mobile phone, as he suspects that there might be a listening device in it. Believing in this possibility, Wataru manages to find Megumi’s mobile in her bag, but is caught red-handed by her.
Megumi brings Wataru back to Café mald’mour to meet Nago, having heard everything. Nago denies the fact that he had asked Wataru to steal from her, and after hearing his story, Nago tells Wataru that he had been deceived by Kuramae. Wataru keeps apologizing to a disappointed-looking Nago.
Back home and in the bath, Wataru whines about how Nago would hate him in the future. Kivat, tired of seeing a depressed Wataru again, asks him for the reason why he has been fighting the Fangires as Kiva. Wataru answers that he hears a voice from the Bloody Rose, which keeps telling to ‘fight’. Kivat then tries to lift his spirits, but is soon affected by the moody atmosphere too.

After having a tired and frustrating day, Megumi is back at her apartment, just out from a bath. She jumps onto her bed and looks at a picture of Yuri, yearning for her mother.

Steeping out of the café, Yuri once again senses someone watching her. She turns and see Otoya stomping towards the café, and she goes on to ask him about yesterday at the pool. A clearly furious Otoya has no idea what she is asking about, and states his reason for coming: to get payback on Jirou for ‘defying’ him. Before he can even get close to the door, he is punched in the face by Jirou, who tells him to get out of the sacred place for enjoying coffee. Otoya returns a punch, and the two start fighting, despite Yuri’s cries to stop them. Yuri leaves them be and takes her leave. The fight is briefly paused by an interfering Shima, who merely wishes to get to the café.

Yuri is on her way home when she steps into a trap set by the Spider Fangire, which had escaped from her at the funeral previously.

Wataru is continuing his task of following Megumi when he sees Kuramae showing up in front of her. Kuramae asks Megumi for a signature, and while she’s doing so, he reveals himself to be the Sheep Fangire and attacks Megumi. She manages to hold the Fangire off on her own, though not for long, and Wtaaru comes to her aid as Kiva. Kiva deals the first attack, but he is unable to defend himself from the Sheep Fangire’s swift attacks. Finding themselves in a pinch, Kiva uses the Garulu Fuestle and assumes Garulu Form, but even in this form, he is unable to match the Sheep Fangire in speed. Due to an intervention by Megumi, the Sheep Fangire targets her again and Kiva gives chase, but Nago shows up, blocking his path. Nago declares to Kiva that he will meet his end at Nago’s hands, and Nago reaches inside his blazer, mentioning ‘Henshin’. However, the face-off is cut off by a scream from Megumi, who is now cornered by the Sheep Fangire.

Otoya and Jirou rush to the site of the Spider Fangire’s trap, where Shima is already at. Yuri is nowhere to be found.

Both Yuri and Megumi have been captured by the Spider and Sheep Fangire respectively.

Wataru’s performance leaves the audience screaming for ‘Stop!’

Wataru asks of Nago to take him as his student

Jirou(次狼)/Garulu(ガルル), portrayed by Matsuda Kenji(松田 賢二)

Jirou poses an interesting challenge to Kido

Wataru meets fellow stalker, Kuramae Noboru(倉前 昇), a fanatic of Megumi

An apologetic Wataru upon hearing he had been deceived by Kuramae

A presence stalks Yuri back in 1986

Sheep Fangire

Kiva and Nago meet in the flesh for the first time

Both mother and daughter captured, in their respective times


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