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Blabbering of a Fool

Losing the Inner Child…


僕の S.I.C. コレクション



「緊張じゃない」と言ったら、嘘です。 🙂

OK, it’s my first time trying to type so much Japanese in my post (other than lyrics). Hope I didn’t make any mistakes. 😛
Back to the title, I’m starting to lose my inner child.
Dunno whether it is a good thing or not, but I feel a slight sense of loss. Not just me though. I can see/feel many of my friends have already lost theirs. And I feel it’s a very sad thing.
I’m starting understand less and less of children. I’m losing the ability to think like a child, and I feel it’s very important, as it is what bonds adults with children.
Yes, I wanna understand children, and in the future, understand my child(ren)…if I have any, that is.

I shall try my best to remain as a kidult. 🙂

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