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This is the Title.

An update on my (boring) life.

Starting off, I went for my JC class gathering on Sat, the 23rd. The attendance was good, though it could have been better. So many faces I have not seen since graduation: Kenneth, Alvin, Asyrul, Xiaowen, Xinyi, and the usual faces: Sze Yuan, Wei Hong, Elaine, Mei Sin, and of course, the organizer, good ol’ Xian Yi.
Went to the Mind Cafe at Purvis Street (should be this location)…well, the food isn’t that spectacular, and the toilet is…erm…’cannot-make-it’, but of course, the main attraction of board games is there. Lots of variety indeed. Played around 3~4 games, but I believed we could only understand the rules of 2, at the most.

Hope there would be another one. With more people. And hopefully not organized by me. 😛

Was quite lucky one day, and pretty happy:


Yup, it’s a trading toy, and I got what I wanted on the first try! Yagami Light…who better to represent <Death Note>? 🙂
Speaking of this, I had a habit of buying a booster pack of cards (I played Yu-Gi-Oh!, Naruto trading cards last time) and used the packs to determine my luck for the day. Haha…a very high-costing method of fortune-telling.

I’m broke now. Thus I started teaching tuition, with endless urging from Walter. (Haha.)
Teaching Chinese/Mandarin to 2 Thai students…sisters actually (I dun really welcome the idea of teaching female students). Well, I’m still new to this job of teaching…and I dun think I’m doing very well at it…but not that terrible either. Perhaps it’s the student/s who is/are smart, or maybe it’s my standard that’s too low, but they (or at least one, the elder sister) learnt how to read Hanyu Pinyin within 2 days. Nice, huh? However, I feel that they dun have the heart to be interested in the language.
Interest plays an important part in learning languages. Like myself, I wouldn’t be able to last through the entire Basic Level of Japanese language if I wasn’t interested.

Which brings me to another point.

I’m starting my Intermediate class today. And thus, I shall have to end here. 🙂


3 responses to “This is the Title.

  1. MavericK Sunday, March 2, 2008 at 1428

    Yo yo!

    Indeed, that’s what I’m scared about, female students…
    Students these days…you know what they are like, ya?

    Same here, I think the way I teach is very ‘dead’…hai, see how lah…still thinking of a way to make it more interesting…the students only want to focus on speaking for now…so I dunno how to give homework on speech. Haha.

    And well, I just found a job. So no more rotting at home for me.
    Though I very much like to continue on it. Haha. But no money, so no choice. 😛

  2. xQ Friday, February 29, 2008 at 917

    oh btw…you are not rotting at home are you….

  3. xQ Friday, February 29, 2008 at 917

    wahahaha….female students…ya later you molest them right….

    i have never teach tuition before, neither have i attended tuition..ok i went to the cheapo CDAC one for my EL which is crap.

    if 1 day i ever got to teach i think i will puke blood and die…cause people dont understand what i trying to say. i grapse ideas easily but i find it hard to translate to other people

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