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Kamen Rider Kiva Episode 04

Vision: Wild Blue

The year 2008.
Natsukawa Aya pays another visit to Wataru and Shizuka at his house. However, after the news of his father’s crimes and the escape of the Moth Fangire, Wataru is in no mood for anything else. Natsukawa reminds them of how the victims would forgive Otoya if they know of one good deed he had done, and Shizuka tries to lift Wataru’s spirits with that knowledge. However, he wishes to give up on his search for that one good deed as he is afraid of hearing more of his father’s misdeeds.

Nago confronts Shima, who is now playing squash, about the reason for concealing the appearance of Kiva from him. He goes on saying that even the problem of Kiva becoming a more dangerous threat to humanity than the Fangires is purely hypothetical, Kiva should be put down before the possibility becomes a reality, and Nago asks for permission to exterminate Kiva himself. Shima however implies that only when that time comes would he allow such an arrangement. Nago, sensing that Shima thinks of himself as no match for Kiva, claims that his own Rider System is better than that of Kiva’s and walks away, but not before receiving a request from Shima to get along with Megumi.

Wataru visits Café mald’amour again to look for Nago Keisuke. Surprised to see Megumi yet again, he keeps a distance away from her, though Megumi continues to tease and chase after him. She herself is surprised when she sees Wataru going straight to Nago when he arrives at the café, and Megumi starts vying for Wataru’s attention when he goes to Nago for advice about his father. She is clearly disappointed and annoyed when everyone else, including Kido, ignores her.
Meanwhile, the Moth Fangire is still rampaging outside, this time attacking a leisure fisherman.
The talk between Wataru and Nago moves to another café outside, where Nago advises Wataru to act and do something for those affected by Otoya’s deeds, instead of just thinking of and seeking that one possible good deed done. In the midst of their conversation however, Nago sees another of his targets: a man by the name of Tachikawa Yuuji, who uses counterfeit credit cards, and Nago once again subdues him. Wataru, hearing the name, checks his records and finds that Tachikawa Yuuji is also one of Otoya’s victims. He asks Tachikawa regarding his father, and he depicts of how Otoya cheated his money by not showing up in the high-budget concert Tachikawa had invested in, and thus ended up as a swindler. Wataru apologizes to Tachikawa, banging his head hard on the floor.

The year 1986.
A continuation of Tachikawa’s recollection, Otoya flirts with Yuri, like any other day, but tells her that he knows of her tailing him. He gets punched in the left eye as a result of his advances.

Having made his decision, Wataru proceeds to help out the victims of his father in their work, hoping for the chance whereby they would forgive Otoya for his sake. Megumi happens to see him hard at work and having heard from Shizuka, tells him that he does not actually have to do all those work, since he has no legal obligation to do them. However, Nago shows up and encourages Wataru to carry on, which he gladly does, telling Megumi it is a matter of Wataru’s own feelings. The duo ends up arguing, and Nago leaves an even more frustrated Megumi, telling her that there is no way of beating despite her endless attempts to analyze him.
Shizuka brings the 2 victims Wataru had visited to his workplace, trying to convince them to forgive Otoya. The feelings of the men are swayed when they see Wataru hard at work, even though he’s bad at it.
Back home, Wataru tries to calm himself by playing the Bloody Rose, while expressing an urge to see Otoya.

Yuri hands Shima her report on Kurenai Otoya, and Shima decides to not employ him into his organization of Fangire Hunters, to Yuri’s relief.

Natsukawa meets up with the 2 old men and learns that the 2 of them have decided to forgive Otoya. Upon hearing this, she tells them that she can never forgive Otoya, and reveals herself to be the Moth Fangire. The appearance triggers the Bloody Rose, and Wataru sets off on Machine Kiver. By the time he reaches however, the 2 men had already got life force sucked by the Fangire. Wataru transforms into Kiva, and vents all his frustration he has been piling up all these while on the Moth Fangire. Having got beaten down, the Fangire transforms back into Natsukawa, whom Wataru, having transforming back in surprise, is shocked to see.
Natsukawa tells him of the one thing Otoya had done 22 years ago: playing the violin for the flowers, and from that, Natsukawa fell in love with him. However, no matter what she did, her feeling were not requited, and thus her love had turned into hate. Turning back into the Moth Fangire, she continues her assault on Wataru, and even though Wataru transform into Kiva again, he cannot fight back to the vengeful Fangire.
Seeing that they are in a pinch, Kiva uses the Garulu Fuestle, which summons Garulu, one of the 3 support monsters in Castle Doran. Garulu, in human form and hearing the whistle, turns into the Garulu Saver(ガルルせイバー) statuette, which in turn becomes a saber when reaches the hands of Kiva, and thus allowing Kiva to assume Garulu Form. In this form, the feral side of Wataru/Kiva takes over, and the Moth Fangire proves to be no match for Kiva Garulu Form’s swift and feral attacks, one of which is sound-based, the Howling Shock. Kiva then finally uses the finishing move in this form, Garulu Howling Slash, on the Fangire, and Castle Doran gets to enjoy another serving of Fangire soul.

Having known that his father had indeed done good, and now back home, Wataru enjoys an imaginary violin duet with his father.

Nago confronts Shima as to why he is not informed of Kiva’s appearance

Nago apprehends Tachikawa Yuuji, also a victim of Kurenai Otoya

Natsukawa Aya, the Moth Fangire

The moment when Natsukawa fell in love with Otoya

Garulu(ガルル), in human form, hears his cue for action

Kiva Garulu Form(ガルルフォーム)

Kivat energizes the blade for the finishing move…

…truning day into night…

…and biting the saber in his mouth, Kiva propels up into the sky…

Garulu Howling Slash


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