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Kamen Rider Kiva Episode 03

Hero: Perfect Hunter

The year 2008.
At Wataru’s house, Kivat enjoys the day flying around leisurely, while giving a short introduction on the origin of the musical instrument that is known as the violin. The peace and quiet is however broken by the sound of the doorbell. Wataru, working on a new violin, ignores the person at the gate despite Kivat’s reminders, but is soon fed up with the relentless noise of the doorbell. Upon exiting his door, he sees a salesperson at the gate, who is trying to get him to subscribe to the newspaper which he is representing. Trying to get it over and done with, Wataru simply nods, but he is stopped in time by Shizuka, who pushes him back behind the gate while grabbing the free towel from the salesperson. She reminds him that he has already subscribed to 5 different newspapers, and urges Wataru to get ready to pay Kido a visit, to thank him for the table he had given them.

At the gym, Shima receives another report regarding the sighting of Kiva from Megumi. She then speaks of how Kiva would become a greater threat than the Fangires to humanity, something which Shima had told her before, and Shima assures Megumi that Nago Keisuke will handle Kiva when that time should come. However, Megumi seems to be bitter towards this Nago Keisuke, and volunteers to be the one clashing with Kiva in the possible future, but Shima merely comments that the decision lies with him. Clearly frustrated and sulking, Megumi takes her leave.

At Café mald’amour, Wataru hands Kido a ‘terrible’ gift for the table, while Megumi sits at the side, mocking him for being so pathetic, having to have Shizuka bring him. The 2 girls start bickering, but are disrupted when Megumi jumps up in fright at the sight of Buruman at her legs, sharing a fear of dogs with her mother. Seeing how friendly Buruman is towards Wataru immediately, Kido comments that he is the second person to experience it, and he asks of Wataru’s name. Upon hearing his family name ‘Kurenai’, Kido shows a strange expression. Megumi continues her argument on how Wataru has decided to change himself, as mentioned before by Shizuka, and he speaks of becoming like his father. Kido, curious about Wataru’s father, asks for the name again and hears Kurenai Otoya’s name.

The year 1986.
Kurenai Otoya is once again on his usual routine of flirting when Yuri shows up again, though this time she seeks him on her own accord. She tries to retrieve her weapon back from Otoya, but a new Fangire comes attacking. Otoya, using the Fangire Slayer, lashes out at the Moth Fangire, but held into submission by it. Yuri then manages to retrieve her weapon, but is unable to suppress the Moth Fangire before it escapes. Both of them are being observed by Shima throughout the entire incident.
Back at Café mald’amour, Shima reveals to Yuri about his desire to let Otoya join his organization of Fangire Hunters, and requests for Yuri to investigate him, despite her complaints about Otoya’s character.

Hearing the doorbell again and thinking that it’s another salesperson, Wataru is surprised to see a lawyer, Natsukawa Aya(夏川 綾), at his gate, wishing to talk him about his father. Once inside, Natsukawa hands Wataru various files which according to her, are lists of Otoya’s ‘victims’ from 22 years ago. Shizuka declares that the statute of limitations would have been long over, but Natsukawa merely comments that even so, it is a matter of moral obligation. She asks Wataru to find out for himself what his father had done in the past, if he wishes to atone for Otoya’s sins.
Wataru, together with Shizuka, searches for his father’s victims, whom include a man who was cheated of his money by Otoya to invest in nightclubs right before the bubble, and another who opened a casino and was shirked payment reaching billions by Otoya. Yuri interestingly appeared in both flashbacks. Upon hearing the stories, Wataru kneels on the ground and apologizes. Natsukawa shows up this time, and she tells him of how the victims are willing to forgive Otoya if they know of one good thing he had done, but Wataru can only kneel on the ground, and sigh in defeat.

At a illegitimate finance company office, a mysterious man snatches a button off, and declares the arrest of the manager, while at the same time speaks of a 500,000 bounty on him. The manager calls him a bounty hunter, but the man, unhappy with the term, calls himself an ‘ally of justice’. The manager sends his 3 henchmen, who proved to be no match, to stop the man while he makes his own escape, carrying a kendo shinai. The mysterious strings the button he had snatched, together with several others.
Wataru and Shizuka are still on their search for Otoya’s victims when Shizuka is unfortunately taken hostage by the shinai-carrying manager. Wataru is at a loss on what should be done, but the button-collecting bounty hunter soon comes to Shizuka’s aid, and knocks the manager out, allowing the police to make their arrest. One of them recognizes the man as a famous bounty hunter, and the bounty hunter asks the police officer to send the bounty to ‘the same place’, for the sake of ‘unlucky children’. Wataru, apparently amazed by the bounty hunter’s skills, follows him, but the man tells Wataru that he has no time today, and asks Wataru to look for him at Café mald’amour when he is in the mood for some advice.

At a stadium, a runner is attacked by the same Moth Fangire from 22 years ago, but Megumi manages to come to his aid in time. Hearing the Bloody Rose, Kivat makes his move, while Wataru runs off from Shizuka, sensing the Fangire’s appearance. Megumi once again is having a hard time fighting the Moth Fangire, and Wataru, transforming into Kiva, arrives to her help again. Kiva is gaining the upper hand when he suddenly hears his father’s name, and his mind races back to the times when he met his father’s victims. As a result of the distraction, the Moth Fangire is able to escape using her powder attack again.

Megumi is resting at a safe corner, when the bounty hunter arrives, whom Megumi addresses as Nago. Nago Keisuke(名護 啓介), seeing Megumi unshaken by the appearance of a Fangire, realizes that Kiva has appeared. He then declares that it is not Kiva’s button that he wants, but his very life.

Wataru, led by Shizuka, gives a gift to Kido in appreciation for the table given

The strange expression on Kido’s face upon hearing Kurenai Otoya’s name

Yuri tries to retrieve her Fangire Slayer back form Otoya

Moth Fangire

Natsukawa Aya(夏川 綾), a lawyer who knows more about Otoya than Wataru himself…?

The victims of Kurenai Otoya’s ‘scams’ 22 years ago

Nago Keisuke(名護 啓介), portrayed by Katou Keisuke(加藤 慶祐

Nago, bounty hunter, subdues his target, a manager of an illegitimate finance company

The Moth Fangire, seeing Kiva distracted by the news of his father, makes her escape

The bounty hunter declares his next hunt: The life of Kiva


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