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L: change the WorLd


ZERO supernatural stuff in this spin-off. Nil.

However, it does not mean there is zero entertainment and thrills. Yup, even for a Yagami Light supporter like me. 🙂

This movie can only be linked to the preceding ones, since L survives Light’s attempt of killing him. However, even though the L in the movies is very, VERY different from the L in the original manga, this movie can be thought of as a possible future in the manga where L survives anyway, but definitely not Watari, since only his death is possible to bring about a change in L’s character and temperament.

Although it is written ‘L’s final 23 days’, the movie actually spans from before the confrontment of Light and L to, of course, L’s death, though with very short glimpses into the past and in between the 2nd movie. A brief outline of the movie, though may contain spoilers, depending on how you think:

A virus outbreak occured at a village in Thailand. A group of researchers ventured into this village to obtain samples of the deadly virus, however, they gave no regard to the dying inhabitants. They quickly evacuated the village upon getting what they desire, and the village was soon decimated by a bomber plane.
In Japan, one of the samples has reached an infectious diseases research center, which has been tasked to develop an antidote for the mutating strain. On the other hand, a terrorist group, using an environmental group as a front, is revealed to the culprit which developed the virus, hoping to use the virus to bring down the numbers of mankind and in turn, ‘heal’ and rebuild a new world.
L, who has been working hard alone on his cases ever since Watari’s death, gets his hands on the information about the virus and the conspiracy behind it, and decides to solve this last case before his stipulated death……

The 23 days do not serve much of a purpose actually. The movie focuses more on L’s growth, his sense of loss after Watari’s death, and the difference in actions taken to deal with the loss of their loved ones between L, and 2 other children who suffer similar tragedies as him.
Performance-wise, the spotlights will have to be on Matsuyama Kenichi and Fukuda Mayuko. Like what many have said, Matsuyama-san and L are one, though the L he portrays gives a different vibe from the L in the manga, but still entertaining. As Fukuda-san, she is indeed versatile in portraying the innocence of a young girl, the sorrow of a child left alone in the world, and the rage of a vengeful daughter.

The soundtracks for this movie are pretty good too, as expected from the Land of the Rising Sun. 😛
However, the theme song this time, ‘I’ll Be Waiting’ by Lenny Kravitz, doesn’t give me as much humph as ‘Dani California’ and ‘Snow ((Hey Oh))’ by Red Hot Chili Peppers, when I heard for the first time. Guess the feeling’s gotta grow.

Overall, a good watch indeed…I give a 4.0/5. Points deducted for having a tad too many redundant characters, and an active L. Extra points given for cameos of characters from the previous movies.


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