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Little DJ~小さな恋の物語 (Chiisana Koi no Monogatari)


A radio producer, Umino Tamaki(海乃 たまき), hears an oldies track, and is reminded of a memory back in 1977…
A boy, Takano Tarou(高野 太郎), was diagnosed to have some sort of abnormality in his blood and had to be warded into a hospital. Staying in the same ward with him was a girl, Umino Tamaki, who is one year older than him and had to be warded because of injuries suffered from an accident.
During his time in the hospital, Tarou played the role of radio DJ, and over the PA system, he brought fun and enjoyment to everyone in the hospital, be it patients, nurses, or doctors. His relationship with Tamaki was also growing into something more…however, his condition nevertheless continued to worsen, while Tamaki soon recovered from her injuries and was going to be discharged.
Tarou decided to enjoy every moment he was allowed to have with Tamaki…however, this young love had to end with Tarou’s passing…

It’s kinda strange for me to be able to find such a movie through random surfing of the net. OK, not really random, shall elaborate more on the next post. This movie, so far from what I can see in the trailer, is kinda similar to タイヨウのうた (Taiyou no Uta)…but the main leads are much, much younger, thus radiating more innocence. Nevertheless, I would give this movie a go if I am able to get my hands on it (and I’m not having high hopes on Singapore screening this at all…everyone’s still under the effects of K-craze).

I’m pretty sure my friend would wanna watch this, since Kamiki Ryuunosuke is in it. 😀

A very, very shortened cast:

  • 高野 太郎/Takano Tarou(12歳):神木 隆之介/Kamiki Ryuunosuke
  • 海乃 たまき/Umino Tamaki(13歳):福田 麻由子/Fukuda Mayuko
  • 海乃 たまき/Umino Tamaki(29歳):広末 涼子/Hirosue Ryouko



The trailer:

    2 responses to “Little DJ~小さな恋の物語 (Chiisana Koi no Monogatari)

    1. sum1uknew Sunday, October 19, 2008 at 519

      Please Email me. where can i get this movie?


      please.! =] i really really want to see. mayuyu again. =]

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