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Blabbering of a Fool

Kamen Rider Kiva Episode 02

Musical Suite: Father and Son’s Violin

The year 2008.
Even though Kiva has saved Megumi from the Horse Fangire, she tries to kill Kiva, taking 3 shots at him while he walks away. However, Kiva is aware of the attacks and deflects them, and continues to walk away after giving her a discerning look. Megumi is able to take several pictures of him before he turns away at the corner.
Megumi reports back to Shima regarding the sighting of Kiva, and mentions that it was her first time seeing Kiva with her own eyes. Looking at the blurred images Megumi took, Shima reminds her not to mention anything about the sighting to a person called Nago Keisuke, for this Keisuke would kill Kiva if he knew of his existence.
Back at Wataru’s house, his repulsive brew of fish bones is complete, and he uses the fluid extracted from it as a varnish on a violin model, checking for the quality under sunlight. However, he deems the color as not the one he desires and throws it away, despite Shizuka’s squeals. They then talk about how Wataru wishes to surpass his father, Otoya, in violin-making, and Wataru mentions about the myth of famous instruments being made by men after forming contracts with demons. Dismissing the fantasy talk, Shizuka is reminded of a request she had accepted on behalf of Wataru, a request to repair a violin with a hole punched through it. Despite his initial complaints, Wataru is mesmerized by the violin.

The year 1986.
At Café mald’amour, Shima pays a visit again to Kido and Yuri, competing again with Kido on their respective body fat percentage. He then instructs Yuri on the next assignment: to protect a female violinist by the name of Miyazawa Hitomi(宮澤 ひとみ) from a Fangire, which has yet to be identified and has so far claimed three lives, all female violinists.
Yuri goes on her mission, posing as Miyazawa’s manager. While she is reading out Miyazawa’s schedule for the day, Yuri is interrupted by Otoya again, who, this time, is Miyazawa’s violin specialist coach. Otoya teases her by saying that he is the man of her destiny.

Wataru and Shizuka set out to look for suitable wood to repair the broken violin, and would have taken down a wooden signboard for a soba/udon restaurant, if they aren’t caught by the owner.

After a public performance, Miyazawa goes missing, and Yuri looks for her alone, after having failed in employing Otoya’s help, who only wishes to flirt with her.

Wataru and Shizuka, dejected at the failure of getting the wood needed, and getting the owner angry. On their way, Wataru notices a small wooden table with an impressive color and texture outside Café mald’amour, and he tries to steal it. However, he is stopped by Megumi, and both Shizuka and Wataru is brought into interrogation by Megumi inside the café. She bears no mercy with her words, even towards Shizuka, who declares herself to be Wataru’s mother, figuratively speaking. Despite the harsh words and Shizuka’s verge of crying, Wataru is only able to concentrate on the table outside, requesting Kido to give him the table.

A jogger is captivated by melodious music and searches for the source, and eventually sees Miyazawa playing the violin at a fountain platform. Yuri catches sight of this and rushes to protect Miyazawa, thinking that the jogger is the Fangire. However, the jogger screams instead and Yuri is surprised to know Miyazawa is the Fangire all along. Miyazawa goes on to suck the jogger’s life force, and Yuri prepares for battle, but is once again interfered by Otoya, who tells them to stop fighting over him. Yuri knocks Miyazawa’s violin away, enraging her, and she turns into the Octopus Fangire. Despite seeing all these, Otoya is unfazed, even commenting on Yuri’s fighting ability. During their battle, the Octopus Fangire recovers her violin, but the violin is punched through by Yuri’s whip, and the Fangire escapes by using her ink bomb.
Otoya continues to flirt with Yuri, to her disbelief, and Yuri walks away, without realizing that Otoya has stolen her snake sword.
The escaping Miyazawa hears a voice telling her to stop, and she sees Otoya, who is now lecturing her on the true meaning of music. Miyazawa, now the Octopus Fangire, attacks Otoya, but he retaliates using the snake sword he had stolen. Though clumsy, he displays a fair skill and luck in fighting the Fangire, but is barely able to make it from the Octopus Fangire’s barrage of ink bombs.

Wataru has completed the repairs on the violin and returns it to the owner, revealed to be Miyazawa Hitomi, who tells him that the violin has been in that broken state for 22 years. Kivat, who is in the workshop, senses something amiss about Miyazawa, who rips off a page from a magazine featuring Megumi. He tries to warn Wataru about her, but he dismisses the idea.
Megumi is taking a break from her photo shoot when she hears a melody, and becomes enchanted by it. She is led to a race course by the music, played by Miyazawa, while Wataru takes the Bloody Rose out. Again, the Bloody Rose starts playing a note on its own, and Wataru starts to play it, which strangely is able to disrupt Miyazawa’s violin and music, and thus bring Megumi back to her senses. She attacks Miyazawa, who reveals herself to be a Fangire, and Wataru sets off to locate the Fangire, as indicated by the Bloody Rose, on his bike, Machine Kivaa(マシンキバー).
As the battle goes on, Megumi ends up getting strangled by the Fangire’s tentacle, and Wataru eventually arrives. He is disappointed to realize that Kivat’s words have been right all along, and upon seeing the Fangire’s fangs appearing behind Megumi, he transforms into Kiva and saves her. The battle between Kiva and the Octopus Fangire escalates into a road chase between Kiva on Machine Kiver, and the Octopus Fangire on ‘skates’, but Kiva is able to knock the Fangire down and perform his Darkness Moon Break on her, with a little help from Kivat.
Castle Doran once again breaks out of its disguise and consumes the soul of the Octopus Fangire, and this time, the interior of the castle is shown, introducing three characters, with human appearances, inside: the inhabitants of Castle Doran.

Shima Mamoru(嶋 護), portrayed by Kanayama Kazuhiko(金山 一彦)

Kido Akira(木戸 明), portrayed by Kinoshita Houka(木下 ほうか)

A request for Wataru to repair a broken violin, accepted by Shizuka on her own accord

Megumi reprimands Shizuka, Wataru’s ‘mom’, for his bad upbringing

Miyazawa Hitomi(宮澤 ひとみ), portrayed by Umemiya Masako(梅宮 万紗子)

Octopus Fangire

Otoya deals with the Octopus Fangire on his own with the weapon stolen from Yuri

Kiva on his Machine Kivaa(マシンキバー

Kivat mocks the Octopus Fangire

The 3 Arms Monsters (Basshaa(バッシャー), Garulu(ガルル), Dogga(ドッガ)) , in human guises

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