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The PINK…and memories…

Today’s feature: the PINK.

I have a scary face, dun I? 😛 (Being a typical Singaporean, I’m afraid to ‘up-lorry’…thus the many shapes in the above image.)
Feelings on receiving the PINK: neutral. Not much change in thinking.

Anyway, got these:

マイ☆ボス マイ☆ヒーロー (My Boss, My Hero) DVD box, and パパとムスメの七日間 (Papa to Musume no Nanokakan) DVD box, Taiwanese version (the only good version you can find locally anyway).
As usual, I have friends asking me why I spend money to buy these original (think so) DVDs, when I can just either d/l them, or watch them online.


The reason I buy them is because I have watched them online, and found them to be good, so that’s why I buy.

Found the following items while doing my spring cleaning:

This is something from my peers back when I was still a secondary school student, and was a student councillor (for reasons unknown to me, even until now). Still keeping it in pretty good condition, as you can see…brings back memories from my most enjoyable period of time in my life. And school life too.

This is a gift from Lin Hui. As for where this bottle was brought back from, can’t really remember…Taiwan? Anyway, somehow, it still isn’t broken. Wonderful.

Lastly, a group photo of my JC class and our Maths teacher, Ms Carolina, after her wedding ceremony. This moment was one of the very few ones which I had enjoyed in my JC life (I really disliked my JC life, seriously), and it was one of the few times my class appeared to be so ‘united’, in a sense.

Well, like the wise オーナー of DenLiner has said, memories are Time itself. Because of these memories that I have, the times of those moments exist. Times of which I had existed in. 🙂


2 responses to “The PINK…and memories…

  1. MavericK Thursday, February 7, 2008 at 2314

    No lah…I told you April? Did I? 😛

    Anyway…’kee chia’…understand? 😀

  2. xQ Thursday, February 7, 2008 at 2044

    hmm…tot u told me u april then ord….

    haha what is “up lorry” by the way

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