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Blabbering of a Fool

Basic Level…OVER!!! ORD!!!

Had my Japanese Language Basic Level III test.

Written test: 90.5
Listening: 82
Oral: 92

I’ve passed the Basic Level!!!
Well, according to my 先生, I should be able to tackle JLPT4 standard!
Though it’s a very low standard, still…gonna try look for some exercises to work on!

And yes! My freedom day is finally here! ORD!!!
Well, that’s a very optimistic way of thinking…cuz even if we no longer need to serve 24/7, we are still nevertheless bounded by the chains of the organization…just that we are allowed to don normal clothes, and are now thrown back out into the real world.
Now, that’s pessimistic.

Recently, there have been many gossip circulating around…the most famous would be regarding the exposure of many pictures of Edison Chen and various female artistes in very VERY provocative positions. I shall not talk much about it, too much talk anyway, but all I can say is that…the Hong Kong have proven themselves to be rather slipshod in their work, since they have announced that they have caught the culprit and just today, more pictures have been released.
So the culprit released them in his cell? 🙂

Another gossip is rather recent, and involves Singapore. It’s regarding a group of Taiwanese artistes mocking us Singaporeans on our standard of English. (The videos are on YouTube…if you’re lazy, just visit HardwareZone) Well, when I watched the video, I too was enraged. Taiwaneses mocking Singaporeans on the level of English!? It’s like a snail mocking a tortoise to be slow! (OK, not a very good analogy, but you get the idea.)
But well, one of them have apologized on his own blog…actually, the one who started it…and after reading it, not really his fault actually. He had only started the topic for comedic effects, no ill intentions from him…but it was from the other artistes which the mocking started.
Well, all I can say is that, fellow Singaporeans, give the guy a break, ya? Try to understand how difficult it is when no one accepts your apology, when all you had intended on was a joke?

Well, I’m quite fine with him now…but as for the other artistes…good luck to them. Not that they desperately need our support, but they did lose some of their fans, nevertheless. I have never watched the show before, and now, dun intend to in the future.
And sadly, one of them has to be Selina of S.H.E.. *sigh*

Lastly, is it just me, or are Singaporeans expressing their dissatisfaction in more ways, and more times, than ever? Somehow, I have a gut feeling that in the next election, the reigning party will have even lesser votes than before. 😛


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