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Kamen Rider Kiva Episode 01

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The year 1986.
A funeral procession is taking place in a church for a man named Itoya Ryou(糸矢 僚). Everyone is waiting for their turn to send their farewells through a white rose when Itoya springs up from his coffin, bearing stained-glass patterns on the lower part of his face and his pupils, and growing eight appendages from his back. He attacks one woman from the panicking crowd, sucking her life force dry using fangs that materialize out of nowhere, and the collapsing body of the woman turns fully transparent. Itoya then changes into a monster: a Fangire(ファンガイア), bearing resemblance to a spider, and the Spider Fangire chases after the people escaping the church. The Spider Fangire manages to trap some of them, but his feeding is interrupted by a woman, who chants: “God has erred. The mistakes of letting Fangires like you appear on this world! I will rectify it!” Changing into a battle garb, and despite suffering attacks, the woman does battle with the Fangire with a snake sword known as a Fangire Slayer. The Spider Fangire, seemingly on the losing end, escapes using invisibility, but not without leaving claw marks on a door of a tower in the church grounds.

The year 2008.
On the very same church grounds, a man donning a cap, goggles, mask, and a protective coat examines the claw marks left on the door 22 years ago, and leaves.

The weirdly-dressed man is then seen on all fours behind a bush by a schoolgirl, who calls out to him. Hearing his name, Kurenai Wataru(紅 渡) stands and sees Nomura Shizuka(野村 静香), and somehow becomes afraid of letting her see what he is doing. Shizuka hands Wataru a bag of fish bones from her school bag, telling him that they were from dinner the previous night, but Wataru is dejected by it, to Shizuka’s surprise. He carries on his unfinished business: trying to get the bones of a fish a cat is feeding on. Shizuka stops him, telling him that he shouldn’t steal the cat’s meal, and Wataru apologizes using a notebook filled with pre-written phrases. On their way back to Wataru’s house, they are approached by a distasteful mob, who calls him ‘Obaketarou’, and are disgusted by a strange stench coming out from his house. Shizuka, ignored by the crowd, snatches off Wataru’s mask and he goes hysterical, scaring everyone. She explains that Wataru has an allergy to everything in this world, and removing his mask may prove lethal to him, and is eventually successful in getting themselves into his house. Meanwhile, a bat-like monster, Kivat-bat the 3rd(キバットバットⅢ世), is watching everything from within the house, and comments Shizuka.

The scene shifts to Asou Megumi(麻生 恵), a model who is currently enjoying her lunch at an eating house after a day’s hard work. After finishing her lunch however, she sees her leftover fish bones ‘crawling’ off the table, and she notices Wataru, who is trying to ‘steal’ the bones. Wataru runs, but trembles with fear when he is caught by Megumi.

Asou Yuri(麻生 ゆり), the same woman who fought with the Spider Fangire, is now working in Café mald’amour, owned by Kido Akira(木戸 明). She expresses a fear to dogs when she uses a mop to push the food tray to Buruman(ぶるまん).Just then, a customer arrives: Shima Mamoru(嶋 護), who is a good friend of Kido. Shima knows Yuri too, as he gives her information on another Fangire: Tsugami Kaoru(津上 カオル), the human facade who the Fangire uses, a company president. According to the information, his targets have been his five secretaries.

Megumi is now interrogating Wataru in the very same café, Café mald’amour, for the reasons for stealing her leftovers, but Wataru just keeps silent and merely flips through his notebook, looking for the phrase to use. Megumi asks him to remove his mask and goggles, which he refuses, and she snatches them away, commenting that Wataru is actually quite good-looking. He speaks for the first time, telling her about his condition, but Megumi amazingly manages to calm Wataru down, though only for a moment, before he runs away while Megumi is on the phone.

Tsugami, the Fangire that Shima was telling Yuri about, is trying to feed on the life force of his new secretary when Yuri intercepts. The confrontation escalates into a fight, and the secretary sees Tsugami in his true form: the Horse Fangire. Tsugami follows the escaping secretary and Yuri tries to follow, but has to run for now upon the appearance of Tsugami’s bodyguards. They give chase, but lose her when she hides herself by acting intimate with a passerby. She thanks the stranger, Kurenai Otoya(紅 音也), but Otoya clearly enjoyed it and tries to kiss her, but is shoved away instead. Back to Tsugami, he finally catches the secretary and feeds her life force dry, but is once again intercepted by Yuri. They battle once again, but Yuri is now interrupted herself by the appearance of Otoya. Taking the chance, Tsugami escapes, and Yuri gives Otoya a punch.

Megumi is being scouted by the very same Tsugami Kaoru, only this time, he is a model. They have a meeting, where he invites her to his own photo shoot session, and which Megumi agrees readily. However, right after the shoot at his own studio, Megumi is trapped by Tsugami, who reveals himself as a Fangire to her. Meanwhile, back at Wataru’s house, he is having a bath together with Kivat, and they have a conversation which reveals Kivat to be an admirer of Amedeo Modigliani, and the idea of being a ‘dirty’ human, just like the others, scares Wataru. Wataru then tends to his strange experimental brew of burning/boiling fish bones. Shizuka, who is present as well, comments about how his previous experiments with books, snake skins, and dog poo had failed, and this depresses Wataru. He then stares at a violin encased behind a glass panel in the wall, revealing the reason for his experiments: He wishes to recreate the same color as the violin’s. A picture of Otoya is by the side of the violin.

Megumi somehow manages to escape to a car park, but is still caught up by Tsugami. Tsugami, as the Horse Fangire, attacks Megumi, but she retaliates, chanting the same lines Yuri had done so 22 years ago, thus revealing herself to be a Fangire Hunter as well, whose weapon is a pistol with a chain attachment. At the same time, Wataru, Shizuka and Kivat notices that the encased violin is playing a note on its own, reacting to the appearance of a Fangire. Megumi has a tough fight with the Horse Fangire and is on the losing end when Wataru comes to her aid unintentionally (though unseen by Megumi), transforming into Kamen Rider Kiva(仮面ライダーキバ), using Kivat’s help. Kiva and the Fangire exchange blows, and Kiva is almost defeated, if not for the help from Kivat, who bites the blade of the Horse Fangire. Kiva then goes on to defeat the Fangire by using the Wake Up Fuestle on Kivat, who breaks the chains that bound the right leg armor, revealing Hell’s Gate, and then uses his finishing move Darkness Moon Break. The shattered Fangire, now merely a soul, is then consumed and sealed within Castle Doran, a strange, but cute hybrid of dragon and castle, which has disguised itself as part of a building.

Kiva takes his leave after the defeat and sealing of the Horse Fangire, but Megumi strangely takes 3 shots at Kiva……

Kurenai Wataru(紅 渡), portrayed by Seto Kouji(瀬戸 康史)

Kivat-bat the 3rd(キバットバットⅢ世), voiced by Sugita Tomokazu(杉田 智和

Nomura Shizuka(野村 静香), portrayed by Koike Rina(小池 里奈

Asou Megumi(麻生 恵), portrayed by Yanagisawa Nana(柳沢 なな

Kurenai Otoya(紅 音也), portrayed by Takeda Kouhei(武田 航平

Asou Yuri(麻生 ゆり), portrayed by Takahashi Yuu(高橋 優

The signs of a Fangire while in human form

The effect of having the life force sucked: Transparency

Spider Fangire

Tsugami Kaoru(津上 カオル), portrayed by Kyou Nobuo(姜 暢雄

Horse Fangire

Kamen Rider Kiva(仮面ライダーキバ)

Kiva changes the day into night…

…and Hell’s Gate is opened by Kivat using the Wake Up Fuestle

Darkness Moon Break

The dragon/castle hybrid, Castle Doran(キャッスルドラン


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  1. MavericK Friday, August 29, 2008 at 2312

    Hi Light.

    Well, I’ve never meant to write a synopsis of every episode anyway. 🙂

  2. Light Friday, August 29, 2008 at 2255

    In my humble opinion, you spoiled a lot here as I can see. quite indeed!

  3. MavericK Wednesday, February 6, 2008 at 019

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  4. tokyokid07 Sunday, February 3, 2008 at 259

    cool blog!

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