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Spring Cleaning (大扫除)

The reason for the lack of recent updates in my own life.
And I’m still at it, by the way.


Still, it doesn’t mean I’m unable to have some entertainment while doing housework, right? 😀

Been on a J-drama marathon this last week or so…watched 3 dramas in one go:

  • ホタルノヒカリ (Hotaru no Hikari)
  • マイ☆ボス マイ☆ヒーロー (My Boss, My Hero)
  • パパとムスメの七日間 (Papa to Musume no Nanokakan)

ホタルノヒカリ: A well-groomed and diligent OL (office lady) in the workplace, but once she steps into the comfort of her home, Amemiya Hotaru(雨宮 蛍)transforms into a himono-onna(干物女), a woman who dons a shirt (jersey) and track pants, ties her hair up messily, with a can of beer in one hand and snacks in the other, sleeps in the porch of her house, and even uses newspapers as a blanket! And to her, she would rather laze at home and sleep, than go out on dates!
But then comes Teshima Makoto(手嶋 マコト), a future colleague of hers who has returned from London. In a strange turn of events, Teshima kisses a sleeping Hotaru, thus sending her into a world of love and relationships, a world that she hasn’t been in for a long time. Meanwhile, Hotaru’s home is intruded by her manager, Takano Seiichi(高野 誠一), who has come to stay in the house, which actually belongs to his parents, but is currently on loan to Hotaru ‘forever’. With both parties unwilling to budge, they end up living under one roof……

雨宮 蛍 (Amemiya Hotaru): 綾瀬 はるか (Ayase Haruka)
高野 誠一 (Takano Seiichi): 藤木 直人 (Fujiki Naohito)
手嶋 マコト (Teshima Makoto): 加藤 和樹 (Katou Kazuki)

マイ☆ボス マイ☆ヒーロー: Sakaki Makio(榊 真喜男), aged 28, a yakuza who is next in line to be the next boss of the family/clan, messes up a $27 billion deal due to his inability to add simple sums. As a result, he is sent by his father back to high school, and is ordered to obtain a diploma by the coming spring, or else his brother Mikio(美喜男)will take over as the next boss instead.
Now, totally defenseless in school, as he has to hide his identity as a yakuza, Makio has to deal with problems that his fellow 17-year-old classmates usually meet: Bullying, grades, and even (first) love! In his time in Class 3-A, he meets his first friend, Sakurakouji Jun(桜小路 順), an outcast from his class, just like him. He also meets the first, true love of his life, Umemura Hikari(梅村 ひかり). And finally, his first ‘enemy’ in school appears: homeroom teacher Minami Yuriko(南 百合子)!

榊 真喜男 (Sakaki Makio): 長瀬 智也 (Nagase Tomoya)
桜小路 順 (Sakurakouji Jun): 手越 祐也 (Tegoshi Yuuya)
梅村 ひかり (Umemura Hikari): 新垣 結衣 (Aragaki Yui)
南 百合子 (Minami Yuriko): 香椎 由宇 (Kashii Yuu)
真鍋 和弥 (Manabe Kazuya): 田中 聖 (Tanaka Kouki)
榊 喜一 (Sakaki Kiichi): 市村 正親 (Ichimura Masachika)
榊 美喜男 (Sakaki Mikio): 黄川田 将也 (Kikawada Masaya)

パパとムスメの七日間: Kawahara Kyouichirou(川原 恭一郎), 48, is an everyday salaryman, whom everyone in his company says has no chance of promotion. He has a wife, Rieko(理恵子) and a teenaged daughter, Koume(小梅), but he feels insignificant even in his family, especially Koume. This pair of father and daughter had grown apart unknowingly. However, in a freak accident, Kyouichirou and Koume switch bodies. Though the switch only lasts for 7 days, it has given this father-daughter pair each a chance to not just understand more about each other, and also more about themselves, though not without comedic and sometimes, disastrous results.

川原 恭一郎 (Kawahara Kyouichirou): 舘 ひろし (Tachi Hiroshi)
川原 小梅 (Kawahara Koume): 新垣 結衣 (Aragaki Yui)
川原 理恵子 (Kawahara Rieko): 麻生 祐未 (Asou Yuumi)

All 3 J-dramas were very enjoyable, since all are of the comedy genre. Though Hotaru no Hikari kinda focuses a bit more on romance, I like the meaning of home too, as brought out in the drama.
My Boss, My Hero, on the other hand, is merely a near-nonsense comedy. (I wouldn’t wanna enroll in a school like St. Agnes.) However…there’s Aragaki Yui!!!
Papa to Musume no Nanokakan is funny and sweet at the same time, though the sweetness only comes in the final episode. And yes, Aragaki Yui!!! 😀

And now, Aragaki Yui!!!


There are better pictures in her blog…but I can’t copy them, not because I can’t, but I dun wanna get into trouble and get hated as a result… 😛 So, visit her blog!!! (right)

2 responses to “Spring Cleaning (大扫除)

  1. MavericK Friday, February 1, 2008 at 1523

    I loved how Hotaru and Buchoo ‘boo’ed each other while slapping their own butt! Haha…

    And yup, it’s great to see Fujiki-san as a sarcastic…enjoyed every moment how he manages to spoil the atmosphere whenever Hotaru pours her feelings to him… 😛

    Sadly, the only other role of a=Ayase Haruka-san was in ‘HERO’…so can’t compare with her other roles…but she definitely makes a good comedian! 🙂

    The ending…like you said, a bit ‘cannot-make-it’…but think they’re trying to focus more on the ‘home’ part, rather than the possible romance. 🙂

  2. Random J Friday, February 1, 2008 at 003

    I LOVED Hotaru no hikaru. Ayase Haruka and Fujiki Naohito had a great chemistry and it was cool to see them both play such different roles. The only problem I had with it (as with most Japanese dramas) was the ending and a couple of Makoto-kun and Hotaru related bits towards the end. Overall I throughly enjoyed it though.

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