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仮面ライダーキバ (Kamen Rider Kiva)

Wake Up!

Ryoutarou and the DenLiner crew have set Time back onto the correct track. Now it’s time for a new hero to wake up!

仮面ライダーキバ (Kamen Rider Kiva)!

At this point of time, much information has been released on this new Kamen Rider series, debuting this Sunday. I had made a post on this before, and now I shall try to pool as much official information as possible in this edited post.

The cast:

Seto Kouji(瀬戸 康史)as:
Kurenai Wataru(紅 渡)

A shy young man who loves the violin, even continuing his father’s legacy of being a violin crafter, in hopes of crafting the ultimate violin that can surpass his father’s.
Is destined from birth with the ability to henshin (transform) into Kamen Rider Kiva, due to his unusual status of being the child of a human father, and a Fangaia (the monsters in this series) mother.

Takeda Kouhei(武田 航平)as:
Kurenai Otoya(紅 音也)

A genius violin crafter, and also a musician. Kurenai Wataru’s father.
In his ambition to surpass the Stradivarius (stringed instruments crafted by the renowned Antonio Stradivari), after countless research, he crafted the violin ‘Bloody Rose’. Now inherited by his son Wataru, the violin reacts to the appearances of Fangaias, for reasons unknown.
An optimistic man who has deep love for music, and women.

Katou Keisuke(加藤 慶祐)as:
Nago Keisuke(名護 啓介)

Not much information has been released on this character, except that he is rumored to be able to henshin into Kamen Rider Hunter(仮面ライダーハンター).

Yanagisawa Nana(柳沢 なな)as:
Asou Megumi(麻生 恵)

An elite Fangaia Hunter, and daughter of Asou Yuri.
Modeling is her usual occupation. Due to having lost people dear in her family and friends to the Fangaias, she hates them with all her heart.
Good with her words, and though bearing a violent temperament when they first meet, she soon becomes involved in Wataru and his battles against the Fangaias.

Takahashi Yuu(高橋 優)as:
Asou Yuri(麻生 ゆり)

A professional warrior in the team of Fangaia Hunters, and the right-hand of Shima Mamoru.
Mother to Asou Megumi. A cool woman in appearance, but possesses love and affection within her. Has great fighting abilities, and will not succumb to any enemies, only fights hard with her strong will. However, she dislikes dogs.
Got to know Otoya during one of her battles, and is courted by him. Tries to refuse, but…

Matsuda Kenji(松田 賢二)as:
Garuru – Human form(ガルル=狼男人間体

A werewolf Fangaia sealed inside Castle Dran, and serving as the caretaker of the castle.
Has a violent and impulsive temperament, and is able to transform into the Garuru Sabre, allowing Kiva to assume Garuru Form (blue).
Fun fact:
Matsuda Kenji-san was the wise Kamen Rider Zanki, in the series Kamen Rider Hibiki!

Ogoe Yuuki(小超 勇輝)as:
Basher (Fishman) – Human form(バッシャ=半魚人人間体

A fishman Fangaia sealed inside Castle Dran, and serving as the housekeeper of the castle, and also a guide to those who visit the castle.
Has a cool attitude, and is able to transform into the Basher Magnum, allowing Kiva to assume Basher Form (green).
Fun fact:
Ogoe Yuuki-san had a role in Kamen Rider Den-O, being the contract holder for the Crust Imagin. Seems like he has an affinity to water-based monsters!

Takigawa Eiji(滝川 英治)as:
Dogga (Frankenstein) – Human Form(ドッガ=フランケン人間体

A frankenstein Fangaia sealed inside Castle Dran, and serving as the butler of the house.
Supposedly has a serious attitude, and is able to transform into the Dogga Gauntlet, allowing Kiva to assume Dogga Form (purple).

Sugita Tomokazu(杉田 智和)as:
Kivat-Bat the 3rd (voice)(キバットバットⅢ世

A mysterious vampire (bat) who needs to drink blood to sustain himself. Creates rumors about his abode being haunted to prevent people from entering, but forges a partnership with Wataru when he does enter.
Has a bitter attitude, and tends to be sarcastic at times. Attaches himself to the Kivat Belt, allowing Wataru to henshin into Kiva.
Fun fact:
Sugita Tomokazu-san is the voice actor for Kyon, the male protangonist for Suzumiya Haruhi!

And finally, to end this nicely with this incredible picture!

Just classy.


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