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Even More Random Blabbering…

This happened a few days ago.

I was helping to carry a round coffee table, which had a removable (thick) glass top. Was carrying vertically, in a way where the glass would fall out in my direction, and so I used my thumbs to hold it in place.
A friend suddenly wanted to become a lion in a circus and tried to ‘jump through’ the table……and ends up ejecting the glass top, causing it to smash right in my face, knocking against my teeth.
He panicked, everyone else, except me, who was numb with pain. Well, went to the toilet and saw blood, like what everyone commented…but not that much, only seeping out slowly between my teeth and the gums.

Luckily my front teeth are still gonna be present for the Lunar New Year, together with me. Or else my friend won’t get to keep his either. 😀

Was so freaking bored yesterday, so sent a random text message to some of my friends. Surprising, most replied, though I never really expected any. So, I got to pass my time text-messaging them, something which I rarely do (the number of free text messages I get a month can last me for 3-4 months). Thank you, my friends. 🙂
One of them, I had ‘chatted’ with her until today. We really had a very nice exchange of words…well, at least for me. 🙂 Shared many things with her, and got to know some things from her too…it’s the first time I’ve really talked or mentioned anything on my own insecurities about myself and my character, or even my first unsuccessful…eh, what you would call it…relationship? No, more like the process of wooing. Yeah, that’s it. 🙂
Received some words of praise from her as well, almost made my head swell, haha. First time receiving such compliments too…(I should be generous on mine too, to her…a must-do) Well, not only did it made me feel a slight happiness, made me feel secure too, to know how a friend thinks of me. She is a true friend, I know she is not the type to lie.

Thank you. You really made my day…or night…or whatever. 😛
Thought I should at least write your name, but thought you may not like it. Well, let me know if you wanna be credited, or dun mind it being done. 😀

Next, a video. Made me feel inferior…haha…I wanna draw like that too!!! Anyway, this guy is really incredible.

Part 1:

Part 2:

And to end this……
Off to finish up my Heroes!!!

2 responses to “Even More Random Blabbering…

  1. MavericK Tuesday, January 22, 2008 at 1630

    You think too much. 🙂

  2. xiANZ Tuesday, January 22, 2008 at 1140

    haha. i guess sum1’s in love???

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