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Kamen Rider Den-O Episode 14

Dance With Dragon

After the incident of a 4th Imagin possessing Ryoutarou, he collapses due to exhaustion again, and thus is now resting in DenLiner, with Hana and the Taros all worried for him. The Taros discuss on how to get the 4th Imagin, who is hiding deep inside Ryoutarou, to come out of him, and dismisses the idea of further possessing of Ryoutarou to drive him out. Naomi offers everyone a cup of coffee, and the Imagin, smelling the scent of the coffee, emerges out of Ryoutarou. The Dragon Imagin, who is purple in color, tells everyone present that he has always wanted to taste Naomi’s coffee, and asks whether he can drink one.

Momotaros and Kintaros confront the Dragon Imagin about the matter of defeating Ryoutarou, but Urataros calmly tells them that it is no use to be hasty in trying to get information out of him. The Dragon Imagin playfully gets himself a cup of coffee, and Momotaros gets irritated by this, but Hana stops him from doing anything and asks the Dragon Imagin herself on when he had possessed Ryoutarou. To everyone’s amazement, the Dragon Imagin had possessed Ryoutarou the same time Urataros possessed him, so that he could use Urataros as a front and thus hide his presence. Back to the park, the Owl Imagin, who wasn’t destroyed in the previous battle, continues his attacks on people visiting the park. Toyama, who is in a hospital after suffering injuries from the Owl Imagin, regains consciousness and rushes back to the park.

Hana continues her interrogation on the Dragon Imagin, asking him on his objective for possessing Ryoutarou. However, the Dragon Imagin replies that he doesn’t know, and that the thought of defeating/killing Ryoutarou was planted into his head by itself. He provides another unknown and interesting point of the Imagins to Ryoutarou and Hana: Imagins can hear someone speaking to them in their minds, and this point is further supported by Urataros. The Dragon Imagin continues his story of how he will become the conductor for the train of time, DenLiner, after he beats Ryoutarou, which apparently he is very excited about. Hearing this rather insane statement, Momotaros once again loses his temper and tries to force the Imagin to speak of the person who told him that, but the Dragon Imagin reminds them again that the thought was put into his head by itself, and thus he doesn’t know anything more. Urataros then reminds the Dragon Imagin that if Ryoutarou dies, he will die too, but the Imagin is clearly aware of that. He then names himself リュウタロス (Ryuutaros), making himself one of the Taros.

Kintaros and Momotaros are about to attack Ryuutaros when Ryoutarou stops them, asking Ryuutaros on why he hasn’t done anything to him yet if his goal is to kill Ryoutarou. Ryuutaros then replies that possessing Ryoutarou is actually a good thing, though no one can understand what he means, and he requests for things to remain as such for now, but will eventually perform a good job about his mission in the end. Momotaros once again tries to attack Ryuutaros, but he escapes by entering Ryoutarou again, and Momotaros, in his rage, grabs hold of Ryoutarou and yelling for Ryuutaros to come out. Owner enters the dining car and asks grimly about the commotion, and Hana asks him to eliminate the sharing of Ryoutarou’s ticket with Ryuutaros and throw Ryuutaros out. Strangely, to almost everyone’s surprise, Ryuutaros has a ticket of his own in Ryoutarou’s pocket, which according to him, was received from someone, and thus he is already a passenger of DenLiner even without Ryoutarou’s ticket. This point is supported by Owner, and he adds that as long as there is no trouble on board DenLiner, he will have no problems with anyone, for that is the rule.

Meanwhile, the Owl Imagin continues to try to fulfil Toyama’s wish, this time using things like vehicles and such to barricade the park. Ryoutarou and Hana return to Milk Dipper, where she tells Ryoutarou to rest while she heads back to the park first, since he can’t fight with his body in that state. Ryoutarou realizes that Airi is missing. Hana tells him she has gone out, and it has something to do with the telescope in the cafe. After Hana leaves, Ryoutarou checks the platform which the telescope is on and finds the pocket watch missing, and thus coming to the conclusion that Airi has remembered something. Ryuutaros suddenly asks him about Airi and then takes over Ryoutarou’s body again. Miura revisits Milk Diper in an attempt to purge Ryoutarou of the evil spirits, but ends up cornered by R-Ryoutarou and his gang of breakdancers. Ryuutaros also displays the ability to control people by snapping his fingers when he wants Miura’s prayer beads.

In DenLiner, the Taros work towards a common goal for the first time, touching Naomi’s heart. They start to apologize to one another for thinking the others in various lights, but soon they end up fighting again. Even Naomi comments that it is hopeless. At the park, Toyama arrives at the entrance, followed by Hana, and both are equally surprised at the barricade made by the Owl Imagin. Soon, R-Ryoutarou and the breakdancers arrive too. Hana is furious at Ryuutaros for taking over Ryoutarou’s body again, but R-Ryoutarou merely goes to play with the stray animals he sees. Reeji(レージ)breaks out of R-Ryoutarou’s mind control, and is shocked to see the park in such a state. He finally looks at Toyama eye-to-eye, both bearing looks of some sort of confirmation.

The Owl Imagin arrives this time, declaring the contract to be complete and enters Toyama’s past, and Reeji, who has been looking all this while, lets out a yelp of surprise. Hana quickly uses the Rider Ticket, which shows 20th February 1997, the day when a stray puppy, Koro, which is dear to Reeji, died when it didn’t receive medical attention in time, due to Reeji getting lost on his way to the vet, after getting hit by a bicycle. From that day onwards, Reeji has stopped visiting the park, and becomes who he is now. Toyama knows that Reeji blames himself for the incident and exclaims that it wasn’t his fault. The Taros, in DenLiner, finally sees an opening for them in R-Ryoutarou and act, successfully pulling Ryutaros out of Ryoutarou, and Momotaros takes over. M-Ryoutarou henshins into Den-O, and rushes to 20th Feb 1997. Meanwhile, everyone’s giving Ryuutaros the cold shoulder, and vice versa.

The Owl Imagin arrives at the past, at the point when Toyama has just found Reeji, who is carrying Koro. Everyone else goes into a panic. The Owl Imagin sees the mysterious Past Man and slowly advances towards him, causing much chaos along the way. However, Den-O arrives before the Imagin can reach the Past Man, and he leaves shortly after Den-O’s arrival. Den-O fights the Owl Imagin and seems to have the upper hand…until the Imagin flies up to the sky, where Sword Form has problems reaching. Den-O then prepares to his hissatsu attack, and the Imagin taunts him, however Ryuutaros takes over suddenly, exclaiming that Koro, the puppy in Reeji’s arms will die if they do not hurry up. Den-O switches to Gun Form, and as usual, he causes much collateral damage, even to the astonishment of the Owl Imagin. But Gun Form proves to be very effective against the Owl Imagin, eventually destroying it using Wild Shot, his finishing move in this form.

The Owl Imagin however transforms into not one, but 2 Gigandeaths, Gigandeath Heaven and Hades. Den-O evades both Gigandeaths’ attacks on DenBird, and Ryuutaros asks Ryoutarou whether there is a train just for him too. Just that, a new train consisting of 2 carriages, the Ikazuchi(イカズチ・電雷)arrives, together with Gouka, Isurugi and Rekkou, and they form the complete DenLiner (combat) train. Den-O, on board Ikazuchi, destroys Gigandeath Heaven with ease, but Hades prove to be a much tougher fight, though eventually it is destroyed with an Ikazuchi variation of Wild Shot, together with the rest of DenLiner’s arsenal. After the battle, it is seen that Koro is saved, to the relief of both Toyama and Reeji.

In DenLiner, Ryoutarou remembers about Airi and asks to be dropped near Kibougahara, the place where he believe Airi would be. Sure enough, he finds Airi alone staring into the night sky. Airi turns around and is surprised to see Ryoutarou, asking him why he is there. However, when asked by Ryoutarou, it seems that she is unable to remember why she’s at Kibougahara either, and that why she’s holding onto the pocket watch, which resembles the one the Past Man always carries. All she can remember is Miura’s hypnosis therapy. Ryoutarou, somehow heaving a sigh of relief, sits down, exhausted from his run to meet his sister. Airi, worried about him, tends to him gently again. Oozaki, who arrives with drinks in his hands, cannot believe his luck.

In DenLiner, Ryuutaros starts chanting ‘Onee-chan’, as though in a trance, and Hana and the Taros realize that he is just a spoilt brat who wishes for a caring sister. Ryuutaros, out of his trance, asks them if Airi would cry if Ryoutarou dies, and obviously they give a positive reply, thus erasing Ryuutaros’ idea of killing Ryoutarou…for now. He comments that it is also good to be the conductor for DenLiner though. While he is dancing, Momotaros comicaily warns Hana Ryuutaros is a very dangerous character.

Ryuutaros(リュウタロス), voiced by Suzumura Kenichi(鈴村 健一), and played by Ogura Toshihiro(おぐら としひろ)

Ryuutaro’s very own passenger ticket for DenLiner

The mysterious Past Man has once again appear, and the Owl Imagin is going for him…?

Wild Shot(ワイルドショット)!

Two Gigandeaths at the same time, twice the trouble

Ikazuchi’s own variation of Wild Shot

Airi’s (Matsumoto Wakana/松本 若菜) smile just brightens up any day


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