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Blabbering of a Fool

Kamen Rider Den-O Episode 13

Okay? Your Answer Doesn’t Matter

Now, having 3 Imagins, Momotaros, Urataros, and Kintaros, inside him, Ryoutarou’s body takes a heavy toll. One night, all 3 Imagins start fighting over the possession of Ryoutarou’s body, and witnessed by an elderly man fixing a bird’s nest. However, the Taros are suppressed back into DenLiner by a force unknown and strange to them, and the elderly man tends to Ryoutarou, who has fainted.

The next day, Oozaki visits Milk Dipper again, only to find Miura trying hypnotism, using a pendulum, on Ryoutarou, so as to drive away the ‘evil spirits’ insdie him, as experienced by Miura himself on previous occasions. Airi, though unsure of the credibility of such methods, supports Miura due to the fact that Ryoutarou has been feeling worn out, and had just collapsed the previous night. Ryoutarou tries to resist, but Miura goes on with it anyway. In DenLiner, Hana reprimands the Taros for possessing Ryoutarou’s body without permission, and as a result causing him to collapse. She orders them not to possess Ryoutarou except when fighting Imagins, which they glumly agree. Back in Milk Dipper, the hypnotism does not seem to be working on Ryoutarou, but on Oozaki and Airi instead. He hilariously starts raving on his first love, a Miyuki-sensei in first grade, who smiled instead of getting angry when Oozaki had peed in front of her. Miura quickly pulls him off before he can go on any longer. For Airi, she merely goes into a daze, staring into the distance. Miura returns to Ryoutarou to resume his hypnotism. The Taros realize that they are completely cut off from Ryoutarou, and this time, Ryoutarou smiles, and his eyes open, revealing purple pupils. A voice inside him speaks about how he has been found.

Shifting to a park, the same elderly man who had tended to Ryoutarou when he fainted is seen feeding and taking care of the stray animals and birds that reside or visit the park. The man, Toyama Shuuji(戸山 秀二), is the groundskeeper for the park, and enjoys seeing all the animals around him. However, the animals are frightened by and run away from a group of (bad) breakdancing teenagers, due to the loud music and clumsy movements. Toyama tries to get the group to move, but is chased away rudely by them instead. Before leaving, he seems to recognise one of them, and although their eyes meet, the boy looks away. Toyama has no choice but to leave for now. While cleaning up, Toyama recalls the past and from the flashback, it is realized that Toyama and the boy, Reeji(レージ), knew each other and were rather close, both enjoying the company of many animals around them. Toyama, shaking off this recollection, continues cleaning up when he is possessed by an Imagin, demanding a wish from him.

Back at the park, the group of boys are still in the midst of their breakdancing, when another person donning a cap and headphones, with loud music blasting, arrives and punches one of them, asking them whether they were the ones who scared the cats away. The purple pupils reveals the person to be Ryoutarou. Hana visits Milk Dipper, but finds it to be in a mess, and Miura lying in the middle of it. Miura, regaining his consciousness, explains to Hana about how an evil spirit had emerged and possessed Ryoutarou. Hana realizes that Airi is missing, and Miura comments that she seemed to have left while the chaos was going on, and that it has something to do with the telescope in the cafe. Meanwhile, Ryoutarou continues his assault on the group of boys with (real) breakdancing moves, and asks them whether he is their friend now after he is done. They try to gang up on him, but find themselves immobilized at the snap of Ryoutarou’s fingers, with him demanding that they will like him.

In DenLiner, the Taros are worried about the current situation of being cut off from their host. Naomi receives a call from Hana, who double-confirms that none of the Taros is responsible for Ryoutarou’s possession this time. At the park, the group dances with Ryoutarou in sync this time.

A flying Imagin is seen attacking people who tries to enter the park, and Toyama, who goes to the aid of these people, is shocked to hear that a monster is responsible. He meets the Owl Imagin eventually and tells him that all he had wished for is a safe place for the animals, however the Owl Imagin manages to twist his meaning by saying the park will be a safe place for the animals if people stop visiting it, and he pushes Toyama away.

Meanwhile, Hana’s search for Ryoutarou brings her into the park, and she discusses the situation with Momotaros. From the statements by Hana, Momotaros deduces that a new Imagin has possessed Ryoutarou and is peeved by the idea. Hana is about to leave when she is attacked by the Owl Imagin. Momotaros tries to protect her, but is able to do nothing in his non-physical form. A bird’s nest is seen to be destroyed by the Owl Imagin as well. Before the Owl Imagin can continue his attack on Hana, Ryoutarou and his group of breakdancers arrive, to Momotaros and Hana’s astonishment. He asks the Owl Imagin if he is the one who broke the nest, and after an exchange of words, Ryoutarou henshins into Den-O Gun Form(ガンフォーム), the strongest form so far, for the first time. Den-O Gun Form releases a barrage of attacks on the Owl Imagin, but the Imagin proves too fast for Den-O. He then ‘summons’ DenBird with a snap of his fingers to catch up with the Imagin. However, Den-O causes serious collateral damage to the park due to his poor precision. Hana shouts for him to stop, which he does, and the Imagin flees. She and Momotaros confront the Imagin inside Ryoutarou about his objective for possessing Ryoutarou: to defeat Ryoutarou himself.

Airi is finally seen in a drive with Oozaki, who is thrilled. When asked on the destination, Airi replies ‘The usual place, Kibougahara(希望が原)” a hill where ‘they’ would always go to look at the stars, and from a flashback she is shown to be with a man, enjoying their time gazing at the stars, and with Ryoutarou looking from a distance. Airi is seen to be very happy, and very close to the man.

Back to the park, the Taros have arrived to confront the Imagin possessing Ryoutarou currently. They try to drive him out, but are pushed falling back into DenLiner, to the shock of Hana and Naomi. Hana confronts him, who has transformed back, this time, calling out for Ryoutarou within him, but the Imagin holds Hana into a submission instead, telling her that Ryoutarou is in a very deep sleep and thua cannot hear her. However, Ryoutarou’s voice sound out and he finally regains control of his body, though very exhausted.

Back to Airi, she is shown holding dearly to a pocket watch with the words ‘The past should give us hope.’ etched behind it.

The Taros fight over possession over Ryoutarou’s body

The contract holder for the Owl Imagin, Toyama Shuuji(戸山 秀二)

Milk Dipper in a mess due to the rampage of a possessed Ryoutarou

Ryoutarou with a new possession…? ?-Ryoutarou?

The Owl Imagin

Den-O Gun Formガンフォーム)

“The past should give us hope.”


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