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Visited Kodomut’s, or Zhi Hao, home yesterday. Walter’s there too.
Been around 2 years since I’d last visited his home.

It was a great day. Not very exciting, but a very relaxing, no-worries kinda day.
My kind of day. 🙂

Just finished re-watching クロサギ (Kurosagi) a 2nd time. Even though I already knew what’s gonna happen next, I still enjoyed the show. Well, I was never a ‘no-spoilers’ kind of person in the first place…so basically, I’ll enjoy any show which is to my liking, even if I had watched it before. 😀
Now…what’s left is the movie!!! Singapore better screen it!!! Or else…I dunno what I’m gonna do…hmmm…

The Climax is coming this Sunday…and the end… 😦

Speaking of which, I realized a paradox of sorts.
Many people watch anime. Not just in Japan, not just in Sinagpore, but everywhere else.
Not many people watch tokusatsu (Kamen Rider, Super Sentai/Power Rangers etc.). People comment that it’s childish.


I do find Power Rangers childish, but not really Super Sentai. And definitely not Kamen Rider. These people dun even know the story behind each series and they judge. They ask me to watch this anime, that anime…and from the titles, I do my research and decide whether or not they are to my liking. I ask them to watch Kamen Rider, or any other tokusatsu shows…and they dismiss it straight away, with the comment ‘It’s a kids show lor!’


Anime is fantasy…and illustrated. With CG added.
Tokusatsu is fantasy…and acted. With CG added.
So…watching something that’s fake in every single aspect is a very ‘adult’ thing to do, huh?

I still like anime, but haven’t really touched on any new titles ever since the Odex shit…but currently watching Saint Seiya (super old anime).
But please, do your research and get your facts right before commenting on anything. 🙂


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