Words of MavericK

Blabbering of a Fool

25 Days Later…

First up…

Meet the action figure for Heroes’ Nakamura Hiro.

Can’t recognize him? I can’t too.
The face is just screaming ‘KIM JONG IL’ in our faces!

Anyway, had been on a video+lyrics frenzy for a few days…or thought I should write something more…’normal’ to even things out.
Finish Heroes Season 1…it’s just…SUPERB! Well, really considering whether to get the original DVD set or not…but on a very, VERY tight budget this few months. Well, there’s always the…erhem, ‘cheaper’ alternative…ya? 😛

Been catching up on Den-O too…reaching the CLIMAX soon! (Well, just I should catch up on the climax of my attempted synopsis too… 😛 )
Those who say Den-O is stupid, ARE stupid.

OK, back to the title.
25 days later.

What’s gonna happen, 25 days later.
Firstly, I’m gonna regain my freedom! No more stupid ICs or shrewd colleague/s around me, and I dun have to face them too! (Will post their names eventually…after freedom is achieved…stay tuned 😀 ) Hope all ends well!!!
Secondly, Chinese/Lunar New Year!!!
Speaking of which, I haven’t really started spring cleaning on my room yet. Yet to clear away the spring onio…LAME!!! OK, just basically a clean-up of the house…luckily I had cleaned my room up a few months ago, so less work this time… 😀

Anyway, to a good Lunar New Year, and a decent ending to Den-O!!! And yeah, to a good year ahead (a little late for that……or ‘again!?’)!!!


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