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Never been so addicted to a drama series until now. ‘Heroes’ is good.

Tried watching ‘Lost’, but ever since I got enlisted, never had the chance to catch up with it (and I think it just drags on too long now).

Watched until Episode 17…I’ve been hating Mr. (Noah) Bennet throughout, only to realize in this episode that he’s just…a family man, wanting nothing more than the protection of his family.

And Hiro’s funny. Real funny. But I like Ando more (though the actor is actually a Korean 😛 ).

And the addiction goes on.


2 responses to “Heroes

  1. MavericK Tuesday, January 8, 2008 at 2312

    OH YEAH!!!

    Good, good…just be careful, cuz’ it gets only much better as it goes on! 😛
    THE POISON!!! Haha…

    By the way, who’s your fav. character? 😀
    Mine’s Ando, then Hiro. 😛

  2. eLaiNe Tuesday, January 8, 2008 at 1818

    hey i like Heroes, too..i just started on epi 1 though…watched at my friend’s house that time..really nice..wanna continue the show when i have time..hehe..

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