Words of MavericK

Blabbering of a Fool

Another Night…

Just came back after spending the night at good ol’ Walter’s…same old drowsy feeling as before, after having played on his Wii till 0430… 😀
Didn’t know he was such a light sleeper…just a tap and he jumps awake.
Me? My alarm clock would first wake everyone up before waking myself. 😛

On my way home, saw this thing at a road junction which I have to cross everytime I go home. A mother, holding her daughter’s hand, was crossing the road while the light was still red (for pedestrians)…and they end up ‘stranded’ in the middle for a while due to heavy traffic.

Risk your own life if you want, but leave your children alone.
I dunno about other countries, but many mothers love to play this game of RISK with their own little children.

Do you really wish to take your children’s lives away before they can even start making decisions in their own lives?


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