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兔,虎,龙之聚会 (The Meeting of the Rabbits, Tiger & Dragon)

Came back several hours from a meeting with Kok Yong, Khee Siong, Caleb, and Brandon, thus the meeting of the Rabbits (Kok Yong, Khee Siong, and me), Tiger (Caleb) & Dragon (Brandon)…go figure.

Well, dun really have much to write, but still…
Met up for dinner at Pasta de Waraku, Marina Square. My first time there (actually, OUR first time there). The food…not too bad, just that I find the spaghetti a bit too bland…by the way, I ordered a Pork Cutlet Curry Pasta…but no pics, ‘cuz I dun have the habit of bringing a camera (nor the habit of taking pictures when I do bring a camera). But the service there, I like. The waitress is super friendly, not in a master-subordinate/servart kind of way, but a more casual type…like giving her own opinions on the food there (well of course, it might be a gimmick to just get us to order the dish… 🙂 ), or even laughing a little at a little joke.
Warm service, that’s the description I give.

Even though the youngest of us all, being the ‘ah peh’ that he is, Brandon ordered red wine for drinks (but he complained that it tasted like Ribena…haha). While, the place is good for having a meal with friends and family once in a while (for us commoners), but not quite possible for frequent dining…unless you’re filthy rich. 🙂

Well, tt’s all…gotta wait for ‘姥姥”s photos to be sent to me before I can post any. (He’s such a cam-whore by the way… :P)


2 responses to “兔,虎,龙之聚会 (The Meeting of the Rabbits, Tiger & Dragon)

  1. MavericK Friday, January 4, 2008 at 1935

    Haha…as usual, 姥姥 was in charge of ‘recruiting’…so must reprimand him for not jio’ing you along… 😛

    Paiseh, paiseh…

  2. xQ Friday, January 4, 2008 at 1912

    nv jio me…lol

    your lao lao is a cam whore yes….experienced that long ago…every food must take picture one. take le then can eat ok….

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