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A trash-talking post this time.

Had an interesting ‘talk-cock’ session at my workplace with my friends/colleagues…of course, with the exception of the much-undesired person. 🙂
Basically, we were talking about nothing…just picking up topics out of nowhere to crap about. But suddenly got to this topic: What is the ideal age that you wanna get married?

One of my friends didn’t know that if you’re married, you will secure an 8-to-5 job, and will not be scheduled for duties…well, most. Then, we suddenly to ask around what our ideal age is for marriage. You know, it’s kinda weird for a group of guys to talk about such topic, isn’t it?
For myself, I would like to get married before the age of 30, if not 28. 😀 But that is hardly possible in modern Singapore. Dun ask me why at such an age, I dunno it myself. Definitely not for reasons like ‘Babies born by mothers of age XX are healthier than other babies’ or something lidat…just feel that getting married at that age is a pretty good time.

By the way, I like children (not in a perverted kind of way). And I’m not really interested in women (can’t be girls right?) older than me…:D

Anyway, shifting away, I made a new header. Just realized yesterday that I dun have to get stuck to using the default text in the header. -_-“‘ For Kamen Rider fans, you will recognize the symbol to be that of Den-O’s. 😀 Want to make a Kiva one, but can’t seem to find any of the logo around…anyone, please send it to me, or at least tell me where to find it?

Will be meeting Kok Yong, Khee Siong, Caleb, Brandon for dinner tmr…a post-New Year dinner (!?). Arranged to have it at New York New York (classy…), but according to good ol’ Guo Wei, food isn’t that good and the price isn’t justified. So most likely having Japanese ramen instead (WOOT!).

Talking about Guo Wei, had a very short chat with him, but made me think a lot. Btw, we were talking about matters of the opposite gender (…). Come to think of it, I dun have confidence. I’ve never gotten a girlfriend (well, not quite), and had never really went after a girl before. Even if the girl really attracts me (be it looks or character), I never had the balls to make a move. What actually first comes to mind is ‘I’m too unworthy for her’…even though nothing has been done.

Strange huh?
And thus for the same reason, many times, if not all, I lose contact with more and more of my friends, because I would always think that I’m too unworthy for them (many, MANY of my friends are smart……’asses’ 😛 ). Perhaps I’ve got an inferiority complex or something.

Right now, there is a person whom I hope I can get to know better of…but being the asshole that I am, dun even know how to start off the process. Haha… 😛

Now, getting married by the age of 30? All is but a dream… 😀

4 responses to “Random Rambling

  1. MavericK Thursday, January 3, 2008 at 2358

    You still talk to him? Power…haha… 😛

    No lah, not bootlicker…his boss’s boots so shiny liao…no use to lick somemore…

    Is b***sucker…wahaha… 😀

  2. xQ Thursday, January 3, 2008 at 2022


    CFC? still long time for him nia…and CFC has to attain ippt silver…he sure chui one…

    Anywayz i got talk to him on msn….haha maciam his boss like him alot…muz be bootlicker la…

  3. MavericK Thursday, January 3, 2008 at 1657

    No lah…my side I firs to ORD…which is soon!!! Wahaha!!!

    Guo Wei…haha, funny and easy-going guy…perhaps the only one who is fully human mentally in camp. 😛

    And who is my ‘best friend’? If it is who I think it is, tell you something:
    His boss trying to make him into a CFC. O_o

  4. xQ Thursday, January 3, 2008 at 1057

    caleb ord already mehz? or your side got additional people?

    guowei is a nice guy….although i didn’t like him at first….

    and why do you have to keep mentioning your best friend…lol…

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