Words of MavericK

Blabbering of a Fool

New Year’s Eve (2007)

A few more hours to the end of this year.

“Will be looking forward to the start of a new year with my beloved, after having a great dinner at a posh restaurant.”

Now, point the 3 mistakes in the above sentence.
Give up?

  • I dun have a beloved…yet…(I hope).
  • I dun have the money, nor the stomach, for dinner, or any other meals, in a posh restaurant.
  • There’s no way I can be outside, since I’m on duty in camp right now.

Definitely the best way you can spend New Year’s eve!!! 😛
Well, I dun have the habit of celebrating New Year’s Day/Eve…so, can’t complain either. 😀

Anyway…my most recent spoils…again:

S.I.C. Classics 2007 Vol.28 Masked Rider Faiz (x2)

And thus, I introduce the tech-savvy Kamen Riders that I have:

And again, よいお年を!!:)


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